“The Phobia Lane” At The Mind Museum

If in case you have mised the #MindBurst for this month of October, The Mind Museum focused on the “science of fear”. Aside from the usual trick or treat, there were discussions, experiments, exhibits and food concessionaires inspired by the things we fear.

The main attraction for this event is the “Phobia Lane” where the sections of the Special Exhibition Hall was divided in to different sections. Part of it was divided to create a basement, a dining area, a powder room, a bedroom and balcony. The in-house artists and designers of the museum were able to re-create a beautiful but scary set-up just for this event.

Below are some of the photos I took earlier.

Phobia Lane 3

The Dining Area

Hands and some rats on your plate with a wine glass filled with blood. How about that for dinner? Hey wait! there’s a bowl of worm as your side dish too. Bon Appetite!

Walls are adorned with photos of I-dont-know-who-they-are framed in an antique-colored wood with a fireplace lit with a bloody-colored light. They were also jars not filled with candies but with heads and other witchcrafts and sorcery stuff.

Phobia Lane

Phobia Lane - Dining Area 6

Phobia Lane - Dining Area 3

Phobia Lane - Dining Area 1

The Powder Room

Would you dare enter a dirty room for some retouch? Bet not! Especially if there are corpse wrapped in a garbage bag and tied up. There’s also an icebox containing another bloody corpse. At the side, a toilet bowl that could be the grossiest bowl you have ever seen. But the challenge was to dip your hands on it! I went towards the mirror only to find a basin with a cockroach and a cut FINGER andHoly &*^%! Was that a FETUS???

Phobia Lane  - Powder Room 5

Phobia Lane  - Powder Room 3

Phobia Lane  - Powder Room 2

Phobia Lane  - Powder Room 1

The Bedroom

And if you think you can now rest at the bedroom, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Would you lay down on a bed of roses, I mean nails with a decomposing corpse beside you. There were mutilated dolls as well to guard your sleep and OUIJA board on your side table. Hohoho!

Phobia Lane - Bedroom 4

Phobia Lane - Bedroom 1

Phobia Lane - Bedroom 3

Phobia Lane - Basement 2

The Basement

Phobia Lane - Basement 1

Dark, silent room. Dont forget to look for the flashlight to have a guiding light and see those GHOST and MONSTER on the wall. Wait for the suprise before you exit! Prepare to scream! hahaha!

Other Exhibits

Phobia Lane - Entrance 1

Phobia Lane  - Stage

Who says we cant transform the museum into a hair-raising and haunted destination this halloween?
*The exhibition was only open last Sunday.

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