Tok Bali Beach

Tok Bali Beach 1

Going to Tok Bali Beach is easy when you have you’re own car. Though its roughly 45 minutes away from Kota Bharu, I cant see any public transport passing by the area. What we did is we rented a taxi for the whole day for a tour around Kota Bharu and nearby districts, which for me is very much convenient. It is also best done in a group so you can split expenses.

Tok bali beach 3

After we parked and got off the car, I can completely feel how serene the place was that time. It was very quiet that only the crashing waves and the chirping birds are making the sound. We’ve also seen a group of students having their lecture under the trees beside the sea. I was not sure if during peak seasons and holidays the place will still feel the same. There line ups of stores which were closed when we arrived. But for me, at that very moment I felt so calm and relax.

Tok Bali Beach 2