In-Flight Meal: Great So-so or Not at All

Part of a great in-flight experience especially during a long hour trip is the food that each airlines provide to all the guests on board.

Recently, I participated the Skyscanner Airline Food Review and I have chosen Philippine Airlines. I remember my friend saying, PAL serves the best meal during flight compare to other Filipino-operated airlines. I was not convinced at first until I experienced it.


With some of the airlines I’ve already took, so far Philippine Airlines stood out when it comes to the inflight meal they offered. With the amount we paid, I guess the food that they served on my flight to Singapore was well prepared and served (again, this is in comparison with the other previous airlines I’ve already took).

Skyscanner sets a the criteria on how we will evaluate the food and we will score it from one to ten (10 being the highest). I believe that the criteria that they set is very valuable since it is the most important thing that we, passengers should know.

Value for Money: 8

With the set of food in my tray, I guess the money that I have paid for is all worth it. I’ve got a bread and butter, a veggie, rice and viand, plus dessert. I was able also to choose the drink that I want.

Taste: 8

The taste was really good. I thought it will only be ordinary or disappointing just like how other airlines prepare theirs.

Presentation: 8

Our meal was well-prepared and well-presented. Everything was placed on a tray accordingly. All the food were covered tightly while the condiments were properly wrapped. Spoon, fork and knife is of good quality compare to those ordinary disposable ones that break easily. They even provided a towellete (not just ordinary tissue paper).

Menu Choices: 9

The good thing I like about this in-flight meal is that they have a different variety of items that we can choose from. It was pretty impressive compare to other airlines which only offer two to three options. It would be a bad experience to take something you didn’t like but you are forced to because you’re very hungry. haha!


*Disclaimer: I am not in any way connected to Philippine Airlines. My score given to this particular task is based from my own opinion and experience. This review is part of Skyscanner’s way to gather data from those travelers who are willing to contribute on the survey of the best inflight meal being served by airlines across the globe.

Philippine Airlines Safety Video by AmbientMedia

I was posting a daily updates in my tumblr account (Yes, I have it just a few days ago) when I saw this safety video of Philippine Airlines. It is only now that I understand it all. (I swear!). The video clearly stated the do’s and dont’s inside the plane. Its very informative especially for those who haven’t ride a plane yet. Plus the fact that it was presented in a very entertaining way.

I remember my first ever flight where I didn’t understand what the flight attendant was saying (English kasi, nagnosebleed ako!:). Seriously, I was too far from her, I was sitting at the very last seat and I can’t hear what she was explaining. I didn’t even know how will I use that life vest in case of water landing as well as the purpose of the oxygen mask. I didn’t focus much on her. I just do my thing. I even used my mobile phone in taking pictures and recording videos. Maybe because of my excitement, and now I realize that that excitement can kill me. Imagine if that flight goes wrong, I’m dead because I didn’t know what will I do.

So next time, be a responsible passenger. Listen to the flight attendant and be obedient with every rules. Always think of “safety”.

Please watch the video. I highly recommend it for those first-timers or soon be riding their first ever flight.

Produced by AmbientMedia and Directed by Ianco Dela Cruz , the new safety video for Philippine Airlines puts a creative spin on a normally routine and tedious time for sky bound travelers. Entertaining and visually appealing, the new video uses a mix of special effects and comedic elements to delight and keep passengers engaged all the while giving them vital information to keep them safe during their journey. Putting a twist on the traditional safety video, AmbientMedia’s short but effective production is a must see for all who travel. (source:ambientmediacorp)