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Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park sets to open early 2019

Image by: http://www.changiairport.com

For fifth consecutive years, Singapore Changi International Airport is still the world’s best airport as published by Skytrax World’s Best Airport.

Singapore Changi International Airport has a yearly passengers of around 55.4 million. It serves as home to airlines like Singapore Airlines, Silkair and Tigerair. It is also in the top 20 busiest airports in the world.

And now, Changi Airport is still keeping up and adding another reason why it is the best airport in the world as they revealed the Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park which is set to open early 2019. The said Canopy Park will be located at the topmost level of Jewel Changi Airport with an are of approximately 14,000 square meters.

It will be divided into three iconic play attractions – Sky Nets, Canopy Mazes and Discovery Slides.

1. Canopy Bridge which is 50 meters long and is suspended 23 meters above the ground.
2. Canopy Mazes which is the world’s first mirror maze set in a garden, which I guess will add an extra challenge of finding your way out.
3. Singapore’s largest hedge maze with an elevated watch tower that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire maze.
4. Topiary Walk which features life-sized animal topiaries
5. Discovery Slides, sculptured fun slides.
6. Foggy Bowls will have four gentle concave bowls with depths ranging from 30 to 65 cm that will recreate an experience of playing in the clouds.
7. Sky Nets, walk and bounce on the treetops, look down 25 meters to Jewel’s Level 1.
8. Petal Garden, take in the sights and sounds of the garden
9. Rain Vortex, 40m high and said to be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall

Now, I am looking forward for my next visit in Singapore and I would definitely check this out.

For more information, click this Jewel Changi Canopy Park.

Over a Cup of Coffee


Our friendship was developed when we were both broken. When we have no idea where and how to start.

Let’s name that person X.

We were introduced to each other by our common friends. We had a small talk over coffee and said goodbye. That’s it. It was like a casual meet up. I’m not sure who added who in facebook, but nothing followed after that. But if there’s one thing I was sure of that night, I knew I felt something. However, I just ignored it.

Weeks later, I was surprised to receive a message from X. It was a plain message but I cant contain my happiness. We talked about so many things, from our travel plans to our personal interests. I didn’t know but, it was as if we’ve known each other well already that we were both comfortable of talking about personal stuff.

Until… Continue reading