Wonderful Indonesia: “Feel and Chill” at Gili Air

Finally, we’re opt to our first destination, Lombok. Upon arrival and ramdom check at the airport, we hailed a cab and negotiated for the fare. Me and my friends requested him to bring us to Serangan where we can ride the fast boat going to Lombok. We took the afternoon schedule of Marina Srikandi fast boat which is at 1PM. So while waiting, we first had our brunch at the restaurant near the port. We even invited our cab driver and treated him with free lunch.

When the man signaled the passengers, we immediately

took our bags. Boarding was pretty fast and after getting a comfortable seat, I tried to take a nap as the travel time going to Gili Islands will took about 2 hours. Gili Islands (Tiga Gili) are located off the northwest coast of Lombok. The archipelago of three small islands are named Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Our first stop was Gili Air. We stayed in a typical Indonesian resort villa named Omah Gili Resort. It is a few minute walk from the beach and restaurants but what I love about its location was that, it is peaceful and quite. Perfect for us tired travelers who would want to rest and relax beside the pool area or just outside their villa. It’s refreshing when the staff gave us a glass of tamarind juice. I loved the taste that I requested for another one.

It was really hot when we were there so it was great to have our first swim at the beach. We enjoyed relaxing while sipping cocktails and fresh fruit shakes and juices.

That night, we walked around to look for a place to eat. There were so many restaurants offering variety of cuisines. But we were in Indonesia so we preferred to eat local cuisine instead. It was so hot even after 6PM that we decided to have some ice cream while walking. We were looking for a place to drink and the guy from the souvenir shop told us “the” place. And after walking for a couple of minutes, we found it, Nafifa Homestay’s bar offers a cheap beer with a great ambiance. We enjoyed the swing near the shore while having our Bintang. We were laughing that night while talking about this trip and the mishaps in-between. It was a year-long preparation and waiting and finally we were all there.

We were on our way back to the our villa when we chanced upon a group of locals singing some reggae songs. Instantly, we decided to get a seat and ordered a round of beer. The last thing I could remember was my friends were already waking we up. Yes, I was that drunk.

**This is part of our Indonesia trip last March, 2016 together with my friends.