Like Another World – Discovering Thailand’s Travel Treasures

Mention the word “treasure” and you’ll probably think of pirates and jewels spilling out of a treasure chest. But treasure can mean all different kinds of things to different people and we’re here to tell you about some of the travel treasures of the glorious country of Thailand. Boasting silky sand beaches and clear blue waters, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped off your flight and into utopia.

The film “The Beach,” which starred heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio, presented the kind of paradise that you can only ever dream of… or can you? The good news is that this paradise location does exist; and the even better news is that it’s in Thailand. The film was shot in the Phi Phi Islands, which are just off the mainland of the Krabi region. The beaches of Ao Nang make the destination a must-visit location, even if you just want to step on the soft, golden sand, take a few photos and return home telling your friends and family you’ve set foot on the same shores as the one and only Leo himself!


Image by chee.hong, used under CC 2.0

The first thing you’ll notice about Phuket is that, for an island, it’s pretty vast in size, stretching for 49 sun-kissed kilometers! The island offers marvelous deep sea diving and beaches of the highest caliber, just right for sleeping off any excesses from the night before in the clubs of Patong Town. If you wish to explore the province of Phuket, you can take a plane to the island, and then make your way to the Big Buddha. Thailand has built this statue at quite some cost –the fact that the statue is made of Burmese alabaster has placed a few Thai bahts on the bill – but with little complaint from the citizens.

Khao Lak
In Khao Lak, which is situated in the south-west of Thailand and looks onto the Andaman Sea, it’s all about the beaches! This series of beaches lies about 70 kilometers north of gorgeous Phuket, and you can even organize a day trip out to Phuket, or vice versa. The location of the island allows you to also explore the national park of Khao Lak, where you’ll encounter 1,000 meter high hills, sea cliffs, even more beaches, estuaries, waterfalls and valleys. This park really is that beautiful, and you can also come across wildlife such as monkeys, drongos and, if you’re lucky (although you’d want to keep your distance, obviously!) Asiatic bears.


Image by Salid, used under CC 2.0

Thailand is a privileged country to enjoy such jewels as these, and it’s very little surprise that so many people come flocking to the country each year, either for a taste of the sun or to explore some of the national parks and cultural offerings. Whatever you come here to see or do, there’s nothing to prevent you from coming back if you don’t cram it all in the first time!