Camarines Sur: Our Itineraries in Photos

Work on holidays and offset it on the perfect time. That’s exactly what I did to have a fun-filled weekend in the province of Camarines Sur. With friends from the blogging community and other amazing people, altogether we chased waterfalls, visited heritage/historic sites, ate great food and met new friends. So to give you a preview of our CAMSUR trip, here’s our itineraries in photos from January 23 to 26.

1. The Naga Manor: our home in Naga City.

2 Naga Manor

2. Chasing the easy-to-reach and mesmerizing Nalalata Falls.

4 Nalalata Falls

3. Rappelling at Nalalata Falls. Do it like a lizard or Australian style for more excitement and adrenaline rush.

5 Nalalata Falls
Photo by Kara Santos

4. Dinner at Calle Barlin, an ancestral house turned into hostel and restaurant)

5 Calle Barlin

5. Dropped by Penafrancia Resort. This is where we enjoyed the playground’s merry-go-round/spinning wheel.

6 Penafrancia Resort

6. Visited Hacienda de Naga. Pili shake, Karitela ride and zipline were the best combo.

7 Hacienda De Naga

7. Unique handcrafted accessories made of pili nuts only at Tints and Tones Fashion Crafts.

8 Tints and Tones Fashion Crafts

8. TIWHHADA’s Handicrafts made of water hyacinth.


9. Lunch at Woodstone Kitchen and Bar, newly-opened restaurant but definitely serving some of the bests in Bicol.

10 Woodstone

10. Trekked the beautiful cascading Engkanto waterfalls.

11 Engkanto Falls

11. Tried a bowl of Kinalas for the first time.

12 Kinalas

12. Dinner at Bob Marlin.

13 Bob Marlin

13. Went back at Woodstone to try their Chili Choco Coffee Beer Cocktail.

14 Chili Choco Coffee Beer Cocktail

14. Morning walk up to the starting point of 1st Mt. Isarog Enduro Lite Challenge, a cycling event.

15 Isarog Trek

trekking mt isarog
Photo by Estan Cabigas

15. The 1st Mt. Isarog Enduro Lite Challenge. Wish I tried this one.

16 Enduro Lite Challenge

16. Lunch at Naga Garden Restaurant and tried their best-sellers, FRIED SIOPAO at MAMI.

17 Naga Garden Restaurant

17. Dinner at Flavour Gastronomica where almost all the ingredients in the menu are freshly-picked from their farm according to Chef Gerald.

18 Flavour Gastronomica

18. Tried Turkish Coffee at Arabica. Love the vibe here.

A photo posted by @thetreasuretracker on

19. Midnight “sweet escape” at Red Platter. Their choco dome is irresistable.

21 Red Platter

20. Interesting stories and architectures during the heritage tour at Libmaan.

19 Libmanan

21. Forget sand beaches for now, the pebbled beach of Minalabac is also unbelievably interesting.

22 Minasacan

22. Aside from Bagolatao, there’s Bagapuso peak where you can watch the stunning sunset.

24 Bagupuso

23. Around Bagapuso Peak is a marine sanctuary.

23 Marine Sanctuary

24. Dinner at Chef Doy’s Gourmet Restaurant. I recommend to try their “laing” and “dinuguan”.

23 Chef Doy Gourmet Restaurant

So there, more stories and photos will be featured here soon. So please go back.

Thank you so much Naga City Arts, Culture and Tourism Office, Kaddlagan Outdoor Shop and Services, LGU of Libmanan, LGU of Minasacan.