Ati-atihan Festival 2015 and other Interesting Destinations in Aklan

You will be hearing again the loud beating of the drums and the town folks will be body-painted black adorned with different colorful costumes in celebration of what is said to be the “mother of all festivals in the Philippines, Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan this coming weekend. Just like Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, they are also celebrating in honor of Sto. Nino.

Ati atihan

And since you are already in Aklan, you may also visit some of the islands interesting places, delicacies, beaches etc. Here are some of those.


1. Bakhawan Eco-park

Bakhawan Eco-park

2. Aklan Freedom Shrine

Aklan Freedom Shrine

3. Tigayon Hill

Tigayon Hill - Balete Tree

4. Tigayon Hill – Cave

Tigayon Hill - Cave


1. Basura Garden

Basura Garden


1. Sampaguita Gardens Resort

Sampaguita Garden

2. Ligatik Rivercruise

Ligatik Rivercruise 2

3. Pink Sisters Convent

Pink Sisters Convent

4. Cardinal Sin Monument

Cardinal Sin Shrine