Wat Photivihan in Tumpat

Wat Photivihan 6

Tumpat in Kelantan is famous for its Buddhist temples. In fact, there are 25 temples in the place and Wat Photivihanin kampung Jambu is said to be the famous among all of them. Simply because it houses the largest reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia measuring 40 meters in length and 9 meters in width.

Wat Photivihan 1

Wat Photivihan

Since Tumpat is near the border of Thailand, you can obviously say that the temple itself in this area are typical examples of Thai Buddhist Temples.

Wat Photivihan 2

Wat Photivihan 3

I haven’t been to a Buddhist temple before, that is why I make sure that it will be included in our itinerary. Its very visible upon entering the compound. Even if it doesn’t look colorful compare to other Buddhas and temples in the area, it still remains as the center of attraction because of its size.

Wat Photivihan 5

Wat Photivihan 7

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Wat Photivihan 9

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  1. Wow! Ang dami ng reclining Buddha. So far, I’ve seen two. Bangkok and Penang MY. It’s not a joke building these sizes not to mention the details.

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