Tok Bali Bay and Fish Port

Tok Bali Bay 1

After Istana Negeri, we went straight to Tok Bali, its almost an hour away from Kota Bharu. I took advantage of that long travel to sleep and rest. I opened the taxi’s window for the fresh air. When we arrived, we felt that its not the Tok Bali Beach that is shown in the map that we have. Where we at seems like a fish port name Tok Bali.

Tok Bali Bay

The taxi driver talked to some of the fishermen in the area to ask where is that picture. It was only then that we found out that we were on the wrong side of Tok Bali, so without any time to waste we left the place and head to Tok Bali Beach which is just 10 mins away from the Tok Bali Fish Port.

Tok Bali Bay 2

*This trip was made possible by ZestAir and Tourism Malaysia.

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