Sail Away With Me: The Advantages of a Cruise Holiday

If you’ve never traveled on a cruise liner before, you may be confused by the suggestion that it’s a more convenient way to holiday than flying. Sure, flights are the faster mode of transport, but cruises are by far more enjoyable. Furthermore, there are patent benefits of a sea voyage over the standard flight and hotel agenda.

Puerto Galera

You only unpack once
Somewhere between the trauma of multiple hotel and airport check-ins, endless waits at the baggage carousel and hours of queuing at security, holidays to multiple destinations can quickly prove tiresome. This doesn’t automatically mean you have to surrender your passport and stew in an all-expenses paid resort for two weeks. You can cross the seas into various countries and continents and incorporate several key world cities into one holiday on Med cruises, for example, all without moving your toothbrush once from your cabin’s en suite bathroom sink.


Personal space
Finding yourself on a 12 hour commercial flight crammed between an apocalyptic snorer and an over-talkative bore might be the worst kind of hell. On a cruise, on the other hand, there’s deck space to ramble and a cool breeze sifting gently through your hair. If it all gets too much, you have the comfort of being able to retire to your cabin and plunge into a riveting book.


You’ll never get bored
Of course, the length of time you’ll spend on a plane is usually much shorter than that of a cruise, but those cramped hours can really drag. Factor in a selection of dim in-flight movies or an apoplectic child, and things swiftly deteriorate. On the other hand, on a cruise ship the principal aim is to simulate a floating hotel designed to cater for as many whims as possible. You can play a late night game of roulette, gorge on buffet food or attend salsa classes, all of which would be infinitely tricky to accomplish in window seat 19F.

When deciding your next vacation, throw the idea of a cruise into the mix. Not only will it enable you to visit multiple places in a short space of time, prove consistently entertaining and delight any children in tow, it’s worth remembering that it’s not the destination, but the journey that is important.

Ruth Andrews is an adventurer who loves marine-based activities such as scuba diving and windsurfing. She also enjoys hopping onto a cruise liner from time to time and seeing new parts of the world.