On Assignment: To Kelantan, Malaysia

I hate assignments! But I’m not saying I’m gonna hate “all” assignments that will be given to me especially if I see it exciting. Say a trip somewhere? Yeah sounds cool! But what about a trip abroad for free! Right, that sounds even better! haha

Checking my email is already a daily routine for me. But that not as special as last Oct 17. I got an email from someone with a “KL trip” as subject. At first I thought it was just a spam or bogus email but not until I saw the sender which happened to be a fellow blogger, Jonel. I gave my confirmation upon approval of my vacation leave. And the rest is histo– confidential!!???haha

In our pre-meeting, I was so surprised and happy to see fellow friends who will also be joining the tour. We have also met the generous folks from ZestAir and Tourism Malaysia.

Prior to this meeting, I have already read blogs of few friends who already did the same tour. Little did I know that this time an exciting twist will be offered to us. So scratch all that readings. Haha! Because we will not be going to the centre or southern part of Malaysia, we will explore remote states up north instead. After some series of presentations, I found this one very much exciting and exhilarating. We will go to the places where tourists do not usually go. And I must say, after seeing that photos and hearing brief backgrounds, they are missing a lot of wonderful sights and experiences.

tourism malaysia

There were only 7 destinations chosen by Tourism Malaysia. They are Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terangganu, Kelantan, Perak, Kedah and Perlis. Among those seven options, we have chosen Kelantan. Not only because it is near Thailand and we are planning to cross the border but this estate is said to me the “Cradle of Malay Culture”. Why? Well that’s for me to find out. That is my big assignment.

Wait! Meaning we’ll gonna take less than 10 hours of bus ride from Kuala Lumpur??

*ZestAir now flies to Kuala Lumpur 4 times a week. This event is also made possible in cooperation of Tourism Malaysia.

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  1. I’ve read thru your Kelantan posts! Nice read… been considering to go there as well but didn’t know what there was to see until I saw your blog.

    Just wondering, those temples that you visited, are they near Kota Bharu?

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