Kota Bharu: Istana Negeri

Istana Negeri 1

Istana Negeri is located in Kubang Kerian, a sub-district of the City of Kota Bharu. Istana is a Malay term for palace. This is the official residence of the Sultan of Kelantan and the royal family. Some important events that are being performed here are official appointments and enthronement ceremonies.

Istana Negeri

The facade of this palace is quite big which can be easily seen along the street. The entire area is covered with high concrete fence. Cannonballs were also used to design both sides of the main gate. Plants are shaped into an extraordinary work of of art, a proof that Kelantanese are really talented when it comes to craftmanship.

Istana Negeri 3

Since this is the official residence of the Sultan and royal family, no one can just easily enter the gate of this palace.

Istana Negeri 2

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