An Ultimate Pampered Weekend at Networld Hotel Manila

17 Networld Hotel - Lobby

Japanese-style Staycation
Huge and draping curtains, comfy sofa, beautiful vase on a pedestal, shiny wooden and glass walls and crystal chandeliers are only some of the grandiosity that will welcome the guest upon entering the lobby of the Networld Hotel Casino at Spa (check rates). There is also a magnificent artwork beautifully framed near the elevator.

16 Networld Hotel - Lobby

15 Networld Hotel - Lobby

The Royal Room
It was a slow-paced weekend I would say. After a week-long of office works, I was happy to have been invited by a friend to spend a night with them at the hotel. They already checked-in when I arrived. Our room at the 9th floor was really nice and comfortable. It’s a Royal Room with two cozy bed, basic entertainment, a small center table with two upholstered wooden side chairs located just beside the glass window with a very great view of the Manila Bay. The glass window was so wide that I can see some notable architectures around the area like the MOA complex, Star City, World Trade Center, Sofitel and the Amazing Show Theater.

1 Networld Hotel - Royal Room

The warm lighting inside the room adds a cozy feeling as if the beds are already inviting to lay down and sleep. There were bottled water, coffee, tea and a bottle wine on the side table too.
I checked out our bathroom. It was spacious and there’s a bath tub. What I also like about the bathroom is the generous supply of liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner placed in a dispenser.

I called our friends in the other room for a “merienda”. It was an afternoon of talk and laughter over coffee and pandesal we bought in the nearby bakery. Then, we watched some episodes of “Game of Thrones”.

Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant
It was around 7PM when we were called for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant located at the Ground Floor. Since it is a Japanese restaurant, we were welcomed by a lady dressed in kimono. We were then assisted in a traditional dining room with videoke.

5 Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

6a Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

9 Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

We ordered whatever we want and it was like a Japanese feast that moment. Our table was full of flavorful cuisine like ramen, gyoza, sushi, tonkatsu and tempura. They also serve a wide variation of bento boxes.

10 Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

12 Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

Just right we finished our dinner, we had already keyed-in our songs and belt our lungs out, and it was an OPM night. We had Ramune and Sapporo beer for our drinks. The server who assisted us was very jolly and accommodating.

13 Networld Hotel - Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

The SM Kenko Spa
Right after our sumptuous dinner, we had our spa appointment at the SM Kenko Spa. It is the hotel’s spa that offers a great services and spa facility for those who want to be pampered and relax the Japanese way. And when I say Japanese way, you have to remove all that you are wearing before you can enter the sauna area.
Inside the room, there are dry sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi. I preferred the steam bath because I can’t bear the heat inside the dry sauna, then I soaked my body in the jacuzzi. More people were already coming in so I went out to give way, wore my bath robe and prepared for our massage. Since I am a person who always have my massage once or twice month, I can’t wait to this one. We were then assisted in our room after selecting what oil to be used. I love how the therapist pressed my stressed muscles. I didn’t know I already fell asleep until he woke me up. I went to our room and continued my sleep.

20 Networld Hotel - SM Kenko Spa

20a Networld Hotel - SM Kenko Spa

The Lé Amoretto Café & Bar
I woke that morning blissfully. After we freshened up, we went to the 2nd floor to have our breakfast. I love the eclectic design of the café. The Lé Amoretto Café & Bar serves a wide choices of Japanese cuisine. I had grilled salmon at salad on my plate, a cup of coffee and a slice of bread. I opted for a light breakfast that day.

21a The Networld Hotel - Lé Amoretto Café & Bar

Networld Casino
After we checked out, we were then invited to visit the casino and were given some cash to spare. We experienced to place a bet and play. None of us won, but at least we enjoyed how players tried their luck in the purpose of winning the big pot money. We were offered a coffee and tea as well while playing.
Just before we carry our bags, we went back to spa for the last time and then have a very relaxing foot scrub and massage.

The Service and the Staff
A guest can forget how the hotel looks like but they will never forget the kind of service they get. And based from our experience when we stayed at Networld Hotel, all of them were very accommodating. They never fail to attend with our needs, particularly the staff of the Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant and my therapist when I had my foot scrub. I had to chance to speak with them and some of them were in service for quite a long time.

15c Networld Hotel - Lobby

A well staycation can be described by a great room, delicious food, pampered experience and relaxing stay. And if you are going to ask me which hotel in the country offers this great deal which I experience first hand, I would definitely recommend Networld Hotel Spa and Casino. I have never imagined I would experience this in just a short but sweet stay at Networld Hotel and Spa. I hope to go back anytime soon.

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