Skiing versus the Summer Holidays

When you think of summer holidays, palm trees, sandy beaches, blazing hot sun and long hazy nights usually spring to mind, and for many people, steering away from this classic, idyllic image is completely out of the question. What, though, if you fancy taking a year out from the same old few weeks lazing about in the sun in favour of something totally different?

Summer skiing resorts are becoming increasingly popular vacation choices for those looking to do something a little unconventional with their summers, and offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional beach getaway. Obergurgl, a village in Austria, is one of the most attractive summer ski resorts that offers more than just the right climate and impressive slopes for the sport, with a charmingly quiet village and beautiful scenery in abundance.

If you’re tempted to take a break from the sun and get active this summer but are still torn between where to book, these pros and cons of skiing versus a traditional summer holiday should help you make up your mind.

Choice and variety

The choice of destinations for a summer holiday are endless, and most holiday goers don’t even need to travel more than a few hours to get somewhere warm and different or to their dream destination, making the whole trip pretty easy going. With summer skiing trips, there is slightly less choice, and there is likely to be much more travelling involved to get there.


Summer vacations are all about relaxing and being able to recharge your batteries so you can return to work or school refreshed, revitalised and ready for the busy months ahead. A typical summer holiday allows for this, while skiing holidays are slightly manic by comparison. However, there is also ample opportunity to relax with a hot drink by the fire in a calm, quiet village like Obergurgl, arguably more so than in a loud and busy tourist destination.

Family friendly

Summer holidays are undeniably great for families with children, as all the entertainment they need is right there. Many tourist resorts are also awash with activities for kids, so they can socialise and have fun while the parents take a well-deserved break and get some rare ‘me time’. Depending on the age of the kids, skiing can also be great, but may be more stressful and difficult for newcomers who need to learn. Taking them to dry slope lessons in the run up to the holiday will help with this.


Summer holidays in July and August are extortionately expensive, and trying to find budget flights or accommodation can be virtually impossible, and though it is easy to save once you get there, prices of food and drink are often bumped up in tourist season. Ski resorts are cheaper in the summer season, making it a great time to go on a budget.

Ultimately, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but neither will make for a bad trip. For the more active, adventurous travellers who love skiing or find the idea of beach holidays tiresome or want to do something other than sightseeing and sea-based activities, a skiing trip is ideal, while for those who can’t get enough of relaxing, sun and fun, a summer holiday is probably the best bet.

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