Photoblog: Apuao Islands of Mercedes

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I was so surprised when I learned that Camarines Norte has this group of beautiful islands located in the municipality of Mercedes. Around an hour boat ride took us to Apuao Islands. This island which is divided by vanishing sandbar (when there is a huge high tide or waves) is divided into two, Apuao Grande and Apuao Pequeña. So here are some of the photos that I took yesterday.

Apuao Islands

Apuao Grande

Apuao Islands

The sandbar that separates the two islads of Apuao

Apuao Islands

Apuao Pequeña

The other islands under the authority/jurisdiction of the municipality of Mercedes are
1. Canimog ( known as the Crocodile Island where the 1927 lighthouse was erected.
2. Canton Island (The Rock)
3. Caringo Island (famous for Falconete Point)
4. Quinapaguian
5. Malasugui Island (the smallest among the seven islands)

I will be posting more details about the islands and our happy experience in the next coming days, but for now I’m going back to Bagasbas to surf.



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3 Responses to Photoblog: Apuao Islands of Mercedes

  1. Naks. Ikaw na magsusurf ulit. Sana mapuntahan natin ang other 5 islands!

  2. Kaiz says:

    Bilisan niyo mag-post. Inaabangan ko yan!

  3. Sherryl says:

    Hi Darwin! Some say that pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of nature, but your pictures of this place are incrediblly beautiful! How much more in reality? Jaw-dropping landscape! Good job! ????????????

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