Photoblog: The Apocalypse Project | The Mind Museum

Project Runway?

No! It is the new exhibit installation at the Mind Museum called “The Apocalypse Project: Imagined Futures”. The exhibition doesnt aim to flaunt beauty and style but to create awareness about the climate change. The exhibition is by Catherine Sarah Young, an artist.

So here are some of the photos of the exhibit and the Defenders of the Future. :)

Commanders of the Apocalypse

“The Commanders of the Apocalypse”

Apocalypse Project

“Daft Punk, Apocalypse Version”. Now breathe!

Apocalypse Project

The Garbage Gown, The Scavenger Suit and the Inflatable Terno

Apocalypse Project

The Garbage Gown, the plastic evening dress for beauty queens.

Apocalypse Project

The Planetary Poetry Board

The first 500 persons to complete all the tasks of the mission get an Apocalypse Badge as Commander of the Apocalypse, defender of the future.

The Apocalypse Commander Badge


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