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Biking my way to Valugan Boulder Beach is an exhausting yet a thrilling experience for someone who’s not a regular biker. A wrong choice of bike could make you think of not pushing through even if you are just a few meters away from the point where you started. But perseverance could also make you feel good in the end especially if you were able to finish and succeed that crazy ride.

“Kuya, san po yung papunta ng Valugan? (Kuya, where’s the way to Valugan?), I asked the man I saw on the road near the airport, only to find out that I already passed by the street that I should take. That few meters of pedaling up at that point made me think of stopping it and just go back to my homestay and rest or take a tricycle to bring me to Valugan. Even if my knees were giving up, I decided to push through. I kept on stopping from time to time, asking locals if I was taking the right way. But you know what made me feels good during the ride, the genuine and sweet smile of every locals I saw along the way. Ivatans never fail to greet everyone they meet on the road, something that made them stands out from the locals of other provinces I’d been to before.

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I was so happy when I reached the point where the road is a non-stop downhill, I felt like flying rather that pedaling. I slightly turned right, scratched the dirt road and stopped, feeling like a bad-ass biker, I was catching my breathe with a smile on my face after reaching the shore of boulders and the crashing waves of Valugan beach.

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Valugan Boulder Beach is very popular for its long stretch of boulders from Mt. Iraya’s eruption long time ago. This is the only beach I’ve seen in the country with a shore of rocks of different sizes, smoothed over time by the waves of the Pacific ocean.

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You have to be very careful where stepping to those boulders because you might get slip on those rocks. Bet you would want to leave the place with head bulge or worst, bleeding. haha!

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I took some photos then grabbed my bike. I then realized, going back to Basco is a hell of a ride, because I will be taking the uphill. I tried it at first but eventually surrendered because biking my way up is like someone is pounding my knees with a hammer. So I just walked along with my bike together with some of the kids I encountered. They were walking with their bikes too, on their way home from their school. And when we reached the flat road, we pedaled our way together with a smile all the way to the town proper. I went straight to Naidi Hills to catch the sunset again.

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