Photoblog: Talisay Batangas Town Fiesta 2014

Talisay, a third-class municipality in the province of Batangas celebrated their annual town fiesta to give thanks to their patron saint, San Guillermo (St. William) last February 9-10. Some of the activities during the week-long celebration include Punlad Festival, 34th Sayaw Pasasalamat or Karakol, Tilapia Cooking Contest, Kaluskos Making Competition, concerts etc.

I was happy that I went home to celebrate it with my family and relatives. And of course part of the celebration is the food and beer. Cheers!

We had a great time walking that night to visit the “perya”, the tiangge (popularly known in our town as sidera) and to see some “Kaluskos” or arc made of recyclable and indigenous materials.

The winning “kaluskos” of Barangay Sampaloc. You really deserved to win. Kahit gabi na, nagniningning pa rin.

Municipal Hall of Talisay

“bombilla y banderitas”

“kaluskos ng Brgy. Banga”