The Wonders of Siam

I have been traveling consistently for the past 3 years and I have been able to somehow balance and sustain this kind of lifestyle with my job. One of the highlights of this journey of mine was when I had the chance to travel outside the country for the first time. And from that first experience, it was then followed by another two outside of the country trips. So in that year, I was able to visit Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

All these 3 countries are really impressive. However, this country is something that I am looking forward to visit again anytime soon because of its people, food, culture and sights. I know you would agree if I say, that the country I am referring to is Thailand, also known as Siam during the old days.


What’s amazing about this country is that it has everything that travellers, whether backpackers and leisure travellers would appreciate and love. Sometimes, it may seem chaotic for some but that’s what make this country alive. The city of Bangkok, the country’s capital, is not just considered as one of the popular international hubs and melting pot of cultures of different travellers but it is also being mentioned as one-stop spot of everything.

Now let this article takes you around the wonders of Siam as I discuss about why travellers are going and keep coming back to this beautiful country, the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Markets. This is where locals and foreign visitors unite for food and good buys. There are many popular markets around which are very much accessible for everyone. Perhaps, the most famous is Chatuchak Market, the largest weekend market with more than ten thousands stores, both permanent and makeshift stores including the small street vendors busy on selling merchandise at the most affordable price. Other markets that you can explore are the infamous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Klong Toey for fresh harvest, Pak Klong Market for colorful and exotic flowers and Pahurat, Bangkok’s little India.


Thai Cuisine. From other foreign dish that I have tasted, I can say that Thai cuisine tops them all so far. Aside from sights and temples, Thai street foods and home-style restaurants are a must experience. Fresh herbs and spices, tropical fruits and vegetable when combined into a recipe is just heaven. If you are also courageous enough, you can try some of their exotic foods for a wild gastronomic adventures. You’ll never regret the experience. If you can’t get enough of it and would love to learn the preparation of some famous recipes, you can sign up for some cooking classes and bring with you the Thai flavours you’ve learned so that your family can experience it at your home too.

Sights, Culture and Tradition. With its unique culture and tradition enriched by its colourful past, Thailand is one of the best destinations if you are looking for an experience that will broaden your knowledge and understanding of foreign history. From its intricate and towering temples dedicated for their faiths and beliefs to museums, parks and shrines that would completely tell how they were shaped by time and changes are just already overwhelming. They also have cultural shows and performances like those in Phuket Fantasea. Other interesting places that you may visit are the Karen Women of Mae Hong Son, The Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai and the Canyons and Waterfalls of Pai.

Photo by Brenna Bustamante | Philippine Travelogue

Accommodations. Being one of the famous destination in the world. Thailand offers numerous types of accommodation to cater both budget-conscious and luxurious travellers. From 5 star resorts and hotels to hostels and guesthouse, you will really get your money’s worth.

Beaches. As much as possible, I always make sure that my itineraries include sea and sand. You know, after that long walk in the concrete pavements and roads of the cities and parks, the best way to relax is to treat yourself with a perfect beach holidays. A place where you can just sit on the sand while sipping fresh fruit juice or bask under the sun and watch the gentle waves kissing the shore. And in Thailand, some of the famous beaches are Phra Nang, Nai Harn, Kata, Lamai, Kamala and Salad.

Thai Massage. Before completely ending your vacation, you have to indulge yourself with the traditional Thai massage to relax your body from all the stress and tiredness you have encountered in the duration of your vacation.

The wonders of Siam is just within your reach. Make your dreams happen and worry no more about your vacations because enjoying Thailand with Travelbag is one of the best options you could get for a hassle-free holidays.

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