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My BIG Personal Space

When the hotel staff opened my door and turned on the lights, it did not disappoint my sight. I was stunned. The attractive wall painting of a girl whose eyes were covered by a red hat she’s wearing added a mysterious yet sexy feel, perfect for a bachelor like me.


Some may find the colors of black and red a little bit gloomy, but the designer made sure that their guests would not to feel such vibe by combining it with white and gray. What I also like about my room is its big window that allows the natural light to come in. It also gives me a perfect view of what’s happening outside.


I was booked in the Big Room, that’s how they call it. It is around 36sqm with one king-sized bed and a 32” LCD TV. Aside from the wall painting, the choice of furniture and lighting fixtures are impressive. I think it’s the designer’s intention not to paint all the walls to highlight the painting on my head board. The canopy curtain above my bed adds more drama too. The table and sofa beside it serves a perfect space for me to work. There is also a mini ref where I stored some of my snacks and soda I bought in the nearby convenient store. The red cabinet is big enough to keep my luggage, clothes and shoes.



The great and beautiful room can be ruined when the bathroom is annoying. But mine is clean white and spacious. There are enough toiletries and towels which they replaced almost every day or when needed. The shower feature is also great, you can take a bath like your under the rain or you may opt to just hold it.


The Henry is not as big as other hotels. In fact they only have six floors. But want I really appreciate is that they did not compromise the room space just to create more rooms. It gives a lot of space for the guests to move and breathe freely. Even their hallways are spacious and are accented with either furniture or an artwork.



blogcarnivalThis is my entry to this month’s Pinoy Travel Bloggers Carnival with the theme “My Favorite Room” hosted by Ms. Eileen Campos of The Super Tourists.

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