Your Quick Holiday Guide To Lanzarote

Recently, I had a dinner with a friend who just arrived from Europe. I was really stunned with her stories and photographs of a place she said she really fell in love with. Another friend of mine, who’s taking her masters in Germany right now was also excited for her next year plan to transfer in another university as part of her curriculum. And a few days ago, I saw an online buddy in our community attending some sort of forum in the same place. You know what country are they all referring too? Its Spain. The country that once conquered our native land is now the country that they are falling in love with. I’ve been hearing the same stories from them. So out of my curiosity, I tried googling other places to visit in Spain and to my luck, I was directed to the islands of Canary. I didn’t realized that there are so much more to see in Spain, other than those destinations we usually see.

Among those islands in the Canarian Archipelago, I got fascinated with the stunning and picturesque island of Lanzarote. Formed from prehistoric volcanic movements, this beautiful island emerged with a very unusual yet interesting landscapes, which eventually became a holiday haven for tourists and locals.

Attractive White Houses

White houses are not only in Santorini. In fact, in this place, the local government is in controlled of color and size of the buildings. And how would you know if in that house lives a farmer or a fisherman aside from knowing their exact geographic location? You can immediately pinpoint the difference by just looking at two colors. Those houses with touch of green is where the farmer lives, while those with blue shutters are fisherman or someone who lives near the sea.

The Island’s Flora

Two of the most noticeable landmark in Lanzarote related to their flora (plants) are the Jardin de Cactus and the vineyard. The Cactus Graden is a magnificent showcase of Cesar Manrique’s integration of architecture prowess into landscape. It is located in the town of Guatiza where an extensive plantations of over a thousand species cactus is being cultivated. The Vineyards of La Geria is a protected area. This is where the traditional methods of cultivation of vine/grapes for wine-making is being done. The reason why it is different from other vineyards is because of how these vines are being planted and taken care of. Did you know that it is also a World Heritage Site?

Art-Nature/Nature-Art and The Man Behind

When it comes to Lanzarote’s tourism development, one name can be associated to it, Cesar Manrique. He’s the great person considered as forerunner of the proposal to declare Lanzarote as Biosphere Reserve.
His works really contributed a lot to boost the island’s tourism. Some of his famous creations and art installations are the sculpture of Man, dog, and donkey, his humble abode which was carved out of lava bubbles (which is now converted into a museum ), Mirador Del Rio and Cactus Garden.

Work Those Legs Out

The inviting climate of Lanzarote is what attracts most trekkers and bikers. With its endless dirt roads and trails with blue waters of Atlantic Ocean complementing the volcanic landscape, Lanzarote is undeniably the right haven for them. There are tour packages going to Timanfaya National Park that tourists can avail of. I find the camel ride going upon the volcano then watch the geysers erupting along the Fire Mountains very interesting. Definitely, these two are the must-experience activities in Timanfaya.

If you are not into camel riding or finds erupting geysers scary, then Mirador Del Rio is just the right one for you. This is where you can find Manrique’s notable architectural creations. Located high up the Risco de Famara, this is where you can witness the spectacular views of Chinijo Natural Reserve and Famara Cliff. It is also the perfect spot if you want to spend a moment with your special someone with the romantic sunset as your backdrop.

Bask in the Sun, Swim and Dive

Considered to be having the best weather all year round, Lanzarote offers an ideal vacation for tourists. Its the perfect destination as you can expect much and do a lot of things. If you get tired of walking or trekking Mt. Timanfaya National Park, you can spend a great beach holiday as Lanzarote has scenic coastline and beautiful beaches where you can just swim/snorkel or spend a day sitting on the sand while reading your book, listening to your ipod or just watching the gentle waves kissing the shore. Why not try having your lunch or beer or wine on the nipa huts along the beach? How about swimming in Jameos Del Agua or other internal lakes? If you’re adventurous enough, you can dive deep to see the diverse marine life or the unique seabed topography in La Graciosa and other nearby dive sites.

Home During your Vacation

The island offers a big selections of hotels and accommodation for your holidays. Some of the famous resorts and hotels can be found within Purto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. If you want to experience local cuisine, the most typical are mojo, Papas arrugadas, tapas and gofio.

Tip: If you are planning a great holiday escape, stay away from the crowd and experience what the unspoiled and small villages of Lanzarote can offer.

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