Top (Not Bottom) Pinoy Travel Bloggers


“Magsusuot ng pink na T-shirt na may black Laban or Bawi Logo”

Narito na ang mga maglalaro sa Laban o Bawi bukas! Ay Kala ko Eat Bulaga Top Pinoy Travel Bloggers pala. (Hirap intro-han eh, para maiba naman lol)

Here’s my top 15 Pinoy Travel Bloggers

1. Lakwatsero (My Banter Buddy slash Mr. Google’s Top Suggested Post)
2. The Pinay Solo Backpacker (Ms. Friendship, Emo-Blogger)

Simply because these two are my closest friends and banter buddies in the travel blogging community.

Lakwatsero’s blog have it all. You need photos, it’s there. You need an itinerary, it is also there. You need new activities to try, he also have it his blog. Guess that’s the price of being single at his

The Pinay Solo Backpacker is my best of friends, she knows all my secrets. She’s the first ever travel blogger I interacted with. How we became close friends, it is a history.

3. Lakad Pilipinas (Mr. “Ito-Ang-Tama-Photographer!”)
4. Adaphobic ( The Bubbly Photographer)
5. Ambot-Ah (The Silent Shutterbug)
6. Escape Islands (Mr. Organized Backpacker)

Superb photos, effective itineraries and well-planned trip? Then you should read their blogs. I have traveled with them before and just followed their created itinerary and the experience was more than fun. Christian, we’re both happy if there’s a beer; Ada, she’s so bubbly and funny; Marcos, very quiet and humble; Dong Ho, very organized, siguro yearly sya nakaka-receive ng character award when he was still in school. haha!

7. Byahilo (Queen of Festivals and Lafang)

The right blog to look at whenever you want to read festival-related articles and schedules. And when it comes to food review “eh sya na rin”, just look at his body. It is an obvious proof already! lol

8. Ivan Lakwatsero (Idolo ng Kabataan)

The Protege of Pinoy Mountaineer and Best in Philippine History. What I admire about this young traveler is that he was able to manage his own travel while he was still studying, something I wasnt able to do when I was in his age. And when it comes to our history, he can be the next Carlo Celdran. I will never forget how he amazed me during our impromptu trip to Intramuros.

9. Chyng Reyes (Ms. Straightforward)

Taglish, Bekish and straight to the point. That’s how Chyng writes in her blog. Pag sinabeng di kagandahan yung lugar, eh maniwala ka. lol

10. Pinay Travel Junkie (Globetrotting Mom / Videoke Queen)
11. Flip Nomad (The “Private” SEA Backpacker)

It is my dream to travel a lot, like what these two nomads are doing. Plif seems to already master the lifestyle of backpacking Southeast Asia and India while Gay is already done with RTW together with her husband and adorable Luna.

12. Rakistang Nars (Rakistang Poet)
13. Wander if you Must (Ms. Humanitarian Wanderer)
14. Nomadic Experiences (The Nomadic Novelist)
15. Fliptravels (for R-18 stories full of *** and wit)

Im a frustrated writer, so I am envious of their creativity and imagination when they are writing. Whenever you read their articles, it is like they are taking you exactly to what you are reading or you are looking for some tissue paper to wipe your bleeding nose. lol

For the update on the result, please check Out of Town Blog.



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7 Responses to Top (Not Bottom) Pinoy Travel Bloggers

  1. chyng says:

    haha nice one darwin. pak na pak ang descriptions!
    agree na agree kay Angel, pag google mo, sya lagi ang top 1 sa list of searches. =)

  2. rain says:

    yay! thank you for including my blog. hope to travel with you one day someday 😀

  3. Uy sinong nagsabing mahilig ako sa beer? Di kaya!? 😛

  4. Lakbay Diva says:

    tama ka sa mga descriptions! panalo!

  5. Heather says:

    This specific article, “Top (Not Bottom) Pinoy Travel Bloggers | Tracking Treasure” demonstrates the fact
    that u truly understand what precisely you r speaking about!
    I totally agree with your post. Thank you ,Melanie

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