Postcards from Fellow Pinoy Travelers

from Gay when she was in California

– from Gay Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie. She sent this from California during their Day 172 of traveling around the world.

from Rain in Australia

– from Rain Amantiad-Campanilla of Rakistang Nars. Sent this to me after joining the February Blog Carnival of Pinoy Travel Bloggers with a theme “Where do Traveler with Broken Heart Goes”.

from Robbie in when his in Cameron, MY

-sent last summer by Robbie of The Travelling Dork during his first solo backpacking trip in Southeast Asia.

from Robbie when he's already back in PH

Also from Robbie, it was given to me personally during our dinner after this backpacking trip. lol

If you want to send me some love and messages through postcards, please let me know so I can tell you my address. haha! Thank you.



a frustrated journalist-and-teacher-turned-engineer who is making his dreams into reality by following his designed style of traveling. Email me at

6 Responses to Postcards from Fellow Pinoy Travelers

  1. Drew Mamangun says:

    Yo Dar! I sent you a post card months ago. I don’t think it arrived hehe! Yung kay Jerome and Mica dumating.

  2. Lauren says:

    I’ll send you one :)

  3. rain says:

    salamat nmn at nagustuhan mo :) <3

  4. cool. they really have the love for travel and you.

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