Da Vinci: The Genius Exhibition at The Mind Museum | Manila,Philippines

Da Vinci Exhibits The Mind Museum

Inventor. Anatomist. Aquatic Engineer. Military Architect. The Father of Flight. Brilliant Artist.
These are only some of what a genius man can do. And that world’s greatest genius ever known is no other than Leonardo da Vinci.

The Mind Museum, the first world-class science museum in the Philippines continues to bring to the Filipino public another fascinating and engaging experience as they will soon unveil the first ever grand exhibition of the life and works of genius Renaissance man, da Vinci. This exhibition is in collaboration with Grande Exhibitions, Australia who have worked with the Anthropos Association, Italy, under the kind auspices of the Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze and Citta Di Venezia, and with the assistance of Pascal Cotte of Lumiere Technologies, France.

Never miss the chance to personally witness and interact with his works we’ve only seen in books or we’ve never seen at all through the actual exhibits carefully crafted by Italian Artisans based from his codices and notebooks of drawings and writings. It is our chance to finally know Leonardo da Vinci in much deeper sense (and not just how he was portrayed in a fictional film).

This might be our only chance to see the great exhibitions of a genius mind without travelling far and I cant wait to see it.

Da Vinci: The Genius, An Inspirational Exhibition will run from September 1 to November 30 only at the Special Exhibition Hall, The Mind Museum.

Operating Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 9AM-6PM
(closed on Mondays)
*Open until 9PM every Saturdays

Admission Fees

Da Vinci only | Php 250 (adult) | Php 200 (children/students up to College)

Museum + Da Vinci | Php 800 (adult) | Php 600 (children/private school students up to College) | Php 300 Public school students up to College/Academic Teachers

*Students are required to present a valid school ID at the gate.
*Academic teachers are required to present a school ID indicating “teacher” or PRC ID indicating “professional teacher”.

All-Day Museum Pass + Da Vinci | Php 950

A reservation is required for groups of 50 and above to ensure your slots. You may ask for group rates packages.

For more information you may email at inquiry@themindmuseum.org or call 909-6463

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  1. hi,

    may I know if there might be a discount if we will go there by group? lets say a group of five or six.. which includes college students?

  2. I have always enjoyed doing a research about leonardo da vinci, and now I can’t wait to see this. to think something like this in the philippines will actually occur

  3. I hope other museums can afford international exhibits like these. For example, international paintings in the National Art Gallery.

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