{Nasugbu, Batangas}: Fortune Island, Definitely Not in Greece

Fortune Island

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Definitely not! This is Fortune Island, an abandoned luxury island resort located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Previously owned by the famous clan of Leviste, back then, the private resort was not open for everyone and only those who can afford and known personalities were being accommodated. The most photograph part of the island is the fortress resembling the ruins similar to the temple of Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It is located on a high rocky outcrop of the island accessible by a concrete stair.

Unfortunately, according to what I have read, is it already sold to a Korean businessman. (apparently, many pieces of our dear Philippines is being owned by non-Filipinos).

A friend from our online community told me about this. At first I was not convinced that this Greek-like architecture is in our country. I researched about the place and to my surprise, I found out that it was even located in my home province. There are so much about my province that I have not discovered yet. tsk tsk tsk!

I’m gathering more information about it. Through the great power of social media, I was able to gather almost every information that I need. Getting there is not easy and a bit pricey, better be traveling with a group.

How To Get There

Take a bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas (BSC Line, Bus leaves at 3AM). The bus terminal is located near MRT Taft Station.
Drop off at Jolibee, Nasugbu
Take a tricycle to Brgy. Bucana.
Get a guide/boatman.
Boat going to the island is 1-2 hours depending how rough the waves are.

Better yet, prior to you trip, you may contact the following persons
Mang Dante #: 09394895292
Kuya Chris #: 09087225628

Famous Dive Spots near the Fortune Island
1. Blue Hole
According to scubadiving.com, the Blue Hole is often described as the most fascinating underwater architecture with 3 large holes in the coral reef leading to an open-topped cavern.

2. San Diego Galleon
It was sunk on December 14, 1600 by the Dutch warship Mauritius under the command of Admiral Oliver Van Noort. The shipwreck was discovered in 1992 by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio. (wikipedia.com)

Other shipwrecks
MV Kimelody Cristy, December 13, 1995
MV Princess of the Orient, September 20, 1998

Definitely, Fortune Island is now included in my list. Now who would like to join me in this trip? Costume is a must para feel na feel ang pictorial. haha!

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9 Responses to {Nasugbu, Batangas}: Fortune Island, Definitely Not in Greece

  1. makati hotels says:

    yes, sadly I hear that a lot of beautiful spots in the Philippines are not owned by Filipinos (strong case in Mindoro!). More affordable to foreigners. Many nice memories of Nasugbu, Batangas… :)

  2. ako magpipictorial sa yo ha 😛

  3. jimmy lichty says:

    yes!!! one of our greatest achievements that was fascinated many tourists!!!3

    because we are the people who built the post at the top of the hill.

    well planned/designed by my late lolo!!! EMILIO A. ABARRIENTOS may his soul rest in peace.

  4. Hi Sir, may I please know how much is the boat ride? Thank you. :)

  5. MARDZ says:



  6. Kiff Tevar says:

    Hi can we have rates for fortune island this will be a prenuptial and also a vacation overnight thanks :)

  7. todz says:

    HI open pa ba eto. mag kano expenses thanks

  8. William says:

    Hi want to go there on a weekend i can help pay for boat ride it would b myself going so i”m interested in joining a group ..

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