Funding Ones Trip: Make it a Hassle-free Vacation

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Who would have thought that after meeting some travelers from a simple weekend getaway will inspire me to go out and explore more. It becomes a hobby that suddenly evolves into becoming a lifestyle. From then on, part of my daily routine is being spent searching online of new places to explore and things to try. But traveling is not just about going places. Whatever kind of trip it is going to be, there must be a good budget dedicated to it. When I told my self that I will be seriously pursuing this kind of lifestyle, I immediately started to allot part of my salary into a travel fund. I opened a separate bank account just to know whether or not I have enough funds for my next trip. I can manage my finances before and after the trip easily just by looking at my bank statement. It also helped me to keep track of my personal and family-related expenses. That’s how it works for me back then. Other people find it convenient to apply for credit card for travel emergencies which I think is not bad idea at all, just as long as you know how to control your self from overspending and you know that you are capable enough of paying your dues right after the trip.

Aside from saving part of your earnings from your business or your job, another alternative way to support your travel finances is applying for credit card(s). I’m not saying that you must have it in order for you to travel. It is just a suggestion that I find helpful based from my personal experiences in the past. It is very convenient to have one especially when you run out of cash in your pocket and when booking a flight. If you are still hesitant, you may seek for some advice about it. Ask your friends what kind of cards are they using and how reliable it is when they are traveling. The advice that you can get from them is very helpful for you to weigh and compare credit cards easily.


Having a credit card is very much helpful especially for travelers. As I mentioned earlier, imagine you ran out of cash or worse than that, all your money at hand was stolen from you or slipped out of your pocket, how will you survive? Another instance is that most part of traveling requires booking a flight. I find it more convenient to book online especially when you are taking advantage of a seat sale rather than having it booked from a travel agency which is more expensive. Plus the fact that you need to be there personally, it is time-consuming.

But having one does not mean you’ll just use and swipe it every time you want it. There is big responsibility on your part that you must fulfill. Just a piece of advice, avoid impulse buying and learn to control as you do not want to be worrying after a happy trip because your bank has already file a suit against you because you are not capable of paying your debts.

Be a responsible traveler. Plan your trip and manage finances accordingly for a worry-free vacation


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