27 on 27

I had experienced brain freeze as I tried to engulf more than a half of that over-expensive frappucino just to be in the bus terminal to catch the last trip going to my destination. And for 3 consecutive years, I just realized that I am always celebrating my birthday in the highly urbanized city of Benguet Province.

This time I have no itinerary to follow. No concrete plans of where to go and what to do since I had already experienced most of the must-see places there. As the bus is constantly moving, I still have no clear nor special idea of why I just decided to packed my bag and bought a ticket. I do not know exactly.
Whats going in my head now is that why I preferred to be alone on my birthday and of all places why here?

Still on the bus I decided writing up things that I would like to do in Baguio until unknowingly came up with a long list which I then prefer to just achieve this year instead. While others are into writing a life-changing or close to impossible bucket list, I came up with a list that is simple, others are copied while some are inspired by others or “yung iba, wala lang talaga, bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko.” So here…

27 on 27

1. I just want a cup or two of strawberry-flavored taho. Nothing special, but sometimes simple thing can bring incomparable joy. I’m not a fan of strawberry but I like how it tasted when I first experience it last year.
2. Sip a hot coffee in a foggy and dewy morning.
3. Thai food. (Just Thai with Chyng)
4. Do something I haven’t tried before.

Oh My Gulay!

5. Be alone and reflect.
6. LAUGH until I cried
7. Fulfill a dream
8. Help a stranger.
9. Volunteer on social works
10. Pamper myself.
11. Travel with my family.
12. Date a stranger
13. Inspire others. (He actually sent me a message about this. Thank you.)
14. Surf again
15. Go back somewhere I like/love.
16. Contribute something in my work.
17. Do another speaking engagement
18. Blog more. (what!?)
19. Save.
20. Do something I don’t even think of trying before.
21. Be naughty. (hihi!)
(Part updated 10/11/2013)
22. Make all of these happen!
23. Make all of these happen!
24. Make all of these happen!
25. Make all of these happen!
26. Make all of these happen!
27. Make all of these happen!

I typed this when I was on my way to Baguio dated 20130225-230833. The list is not yet completed until now. But would still fill those blank in the next coming days or maybe not anymore. I don’t know. “Bahala na, nakakatamad rin kasi maraming iniisip.” haha

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