Congratulations Graduate! Now What??

“ten-ten.. te-ne-ne-ne-nen te-ne-neeee-ne-nen, te-ne-ne-ne-nen te-ne-nen te-ne-nen ten-ten..”

I was humming this graduation march theme, while thinking of how will I be able to start my entry for this month’s blog carnival. It was hard. But then I realized why not used the “humming” as the introduction for I know every one will be able to relate and reminisce how that song made them smile and even shed tears as we march towards the stage to receive our precious diploma which we had earned after more than 15 years of being in the school.

Its been 6 years when I remember my self wearing that black toga, red hood and graduation cap that I then flipped the tassel from right to left after our degree is being conferred.

And upon graduation, I started doing every thing I haven’t done so much before. My eyes sparkle during paydays as we have a time for drink and party. I was a party guy back then, wearing loose pants and over-sized shirt lol. I really love to dance, one of the reason why I love attending parties. If not bar, you’ll find me at the mall buying stuff. I enjoyed doing whatever things I wasn’t able to do and buy when I was still a penniless student.

But then the time came and I realized that this should not be the kind of life I should pursue. I’m not getting younger so I need to try other things that are worthy of my time and money. And that’s where I dream of becoming a traveler. A passion which I think is the best and incomparable than just partying, drinking and over-spending.

Btw, I took and finished Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major In Computer Engineering Technology under 3 scholarships. A course I did not like at all. haha!

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for March 2013 with the theme “Things You Graduated From After Becoming A Traveler” hosted by our Miss Backpacker, Kaiz Galang.

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  1. KUMUSTA NAMAN ANG OVERSIZED SHIRTS MO?!? Ganun siguro talaga pag tumatanda no? You tend to have a more serious point of view. Congrats for graduating from wearing loose pants! :p

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