Photoblog: Skimboarding At Boracay’s Sunset


Two years ago, I was kind of disappointed because my first Boracay experience did not turn out the way I expected it to be. It was very cloudy, drizzling and gloomy. No scenic sunset with “paraws”. But this time, it seems like every thing is happening according to my plan and expectations. haha! Remember that day where we kept laughing so hard every time I fell off the skimboard and stumbled along the shore???haha!!!

Then what about this photo with that stunning sunset at the background?

Boracay Island



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7 Responses to Photoblog: Skimboarding At Boracay’s Sunset

  1. This is a great sunset capture Darwin! Great personal narratives to. Akala ko ikaw ung nag-skimboarding sa boracay :)

  2. So disappointing first meet-up natin? Hahaha =)) kitakits later sana di na bumuhos ang ulan

  3. Missy says:

    Boracay sunset is indeed magnificent! Nice photos!

  4. Magnificent! Ganda ng shot bro!

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