Meteorites and Astrophotographs on Exhibition at The Mind Museum

Breaking News: CHELYABINSK, Russia | Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:32am EST

*More or less 1000 individuals were injured after a meteorite shot across and exploded over Central Russia. Photos and videos of the Chelyabinsk Russia meteorite are now scattering over the internet.

October is not just about semestral break and United Nation’s Day. It is also the time we look up and pay attention to some of the most interesting and beautiful stuff in the cosmos, its SPACE MONTH folks!

I believe most of us dream of becoming a spaceman like Neil Armstrong during our childhood days. From the moment we learn about them, we thought that they got the coolest job a man could ever get. Who will not be amazed seeing someone in white suit and colorful patches, riding a spaceship and floating in space? More than that, seeing the vastness (or part) of the universe perhaps is more than just your every night’s dream and imagination.

TT-7 Sikhote Alin - big

Little did I know, that somehow, I will have the chance to explore and even “control” the universe in my own hands. haha! I worked in a planetarium for almost 4 years and I enjoyed watching all of them appearing right before my eyes, as if I could touch them all.


“4-inch refractor and 6-inch reflector”

I will never ever forget the first time I peeped through a telescopes and witnessed the planets like Mars and the majestic rings of Saturn, the Great Orion Nebula and the Pleiades, which we often refer to as the “rosary”. It was a few years ago, but the feeling still made me smile and think that I was lucky because not all the people are given a chance to see the celestial bodies we’ve only seen in photographs. From that moment, I dream of having my own telescope.

Back in 2009, being declared as the International Year of Astronomy, I had the chance to meet astronomers and hobbyist in an online forum and I had the chance to see some of their photos taken from their telescope. In 2010, I got lucky to met some collectors of meteorites and even had the chance to touch and hold some of their collections.

TT-astro collection

This week, The Mind Museum, dubbed as the first world-class science museum in the Philippines is holding an exhibition featuring astrophotographs by Filipino astronomers, hobbyists and astrophotographers like Anthony Urbano, Erika Valdueza, Christopher Go, John Nassr and Christopher Lu (I bet you din’t know we have them.) This is part of The Mind Museum’s MindBurst event for this month of October entitled Spaced Out: Connecting with the Cosmos. The said activity is an approach to promote public understanding of science, this time its all about the cosmos. The exhibition will bring you closer to the objects you do not usually see with your naked eye. From planets to sunspots to Nebulae to Galaxies, these are some of the photos that are currently for public viewing.

TT- Astro Exhibit


TT-astro guest

Aside from photographs, there are also collection of meteorites in display courtesy of Allen Yu. Imagine that, you will be able to see an object that actually came from the outer space. Some of my favorites are Bondoc, one of the meteorites that landed in our country; DAG 400, a slab of a moon rock; fragment of Canyon Diablo and the biggest among on display, the Sikhote-Alin. I have known and seen them only in books and photographs, but looking at them for real is an experience you I never regret-forget.

TT-7 Sikhote Alin

TT-5 moon slab
“a slab from one of our Moon’s rock”

TT- Canyon Diablo
“fragment from Canyon Diablo meteorite”

TT-4 moon slab

TT- Middlesborough
“replica of Middlesbrough meteorite”

TT-6 bondoc
Bondoc meteorite, one of the 5 officially recognized meteorite in the Philippines, found in Bondoc Peninsula, Quezon Province, 1956

There is no entrance fee to this special exhibition, its free for all regular museum ticket holders and All-Day MindBurst ticket holders. Public viewing actually started last Saturday and will only be until Sunday, Oct 21.

So if ever you’re looking on how you can spend this month a little bit “spacy”, why not booked a ticket and head to The Mind Museum. They have a lot of activities for you. For more information you may visit their website at

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