Egyptian Culture – The List of a Must See and Do

Learning about Egyptian culture is one of the most engaging part of our history class back then. From facts about the ancient civilizations to the intriguing lives of pharaohs and great pyramids, every information about this country situated within North Africa for me is like one of the most interesting piece that needs to be discovered more.

I remember watching a dome show entitled “Stars of the Pharaohs” a few years ago and I got fascinated with how they visualized and recreated Egypt’s rich history and contributions to science like telling the time, making a workable calendar and believe or not, even aligning huge buildings.

If given the chance to travel in this magnificent country. I already have in mind the list of places that I would prefer to explore and learn. These are base from the travel guides I read from forums and other online information.

Pyramids of Gizah by

The Great Pyramids. This pyramids are the most iconic landmarks of Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx are the famous of them all. Just so you know, The Great Pyramids of Egypt are the only remaining structure among the seven wonders of the ancient world. This huge structures were built around 4600 years ago.

Nile River Cruise. Aside from the great pyramids, a perfect Holidays to Egypt can be spent cruising the longest river in the world. Along the Nile, the boats will pass by and stop at certain temples which I think will make me feel how rich their history is. I can foretell that this experience would definitely shift me in different time. Some famous temples that you can probably see during the Nile River Cruise are of Karnak, Edfu and Great Hypostyle Hall. I am also planning of doing a night walk wherein temples are illuminated showing the exceptional relief carvings of the kings and gods etched on the walls.

Edfu by Eric Novikoff

Climb Mt. Sinai. I first heard of this historical mountain during our religion class. In a documentary I have watched before, there’s a monastery at the foot of Mt. Sinai – St. Catherine’s Monestary. They mentioned that in this part is the area of famous burning bush and the cage of old monks skulls. The monastery is Greek Orthodox and A UNESCO Worl Heritage Site. Going up the mountain can be done just by walking or riding a camel. They recommend to do it early in the morning to catch the scenic sunrise. But be sure to be properly dressed because the temperature can be very cold.

A tour at Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square. Having 107 halls with different statues and artifacts, this museum also houses Tutankhamen treasure and the mummies. I will surely a hell of information overload.

Dive at the Red Sea Coast. I have already experienced to dive, and I can truly say that the underwaterworld is really different what we see and learn from books. Seeing colorful creatures appearing right before your eyes is an experience you shouldnt miss in your life. I want to see what other species of marine life Egypt has to offer.

Bargain at the Markets of Aswan. One of the things that makes a tour perfectly unforgettable is getting a memorabilia. It could be a piece of map, an accessory, a decor etc. Aswan, is the trade route between Egypt and southern lands that’s why it was dubbed as “the market”. They said that you can purchase a lot of things here like rare spices and gold.

“Aswan” by

Ticking each item off the list, I guess would be the perfect way to spend a great holidays to Egypt. What about you? Do you have other things in mind that you would like to experience?

*The Great Sphinx photo by wikipedia

*This is a guest post.