When Traveling Becomes Usual and Ordinary

What if time comes and you see traveling as something usual and ordinary? This certain point kind of bothers me because right now this is the only thing that makes me go and feel happy. Ever since I started living this kind of lifestyle, my addiction to travel keeps me active like something is running all over my veins. I keep on looking for more places to see, more people to met and more activities to do. I never get tired of doing all of these. Other people may find it interesting and even some friends are envious of me because I manage to do those travel, alone or not.

But at one point, during one of my previous trips, I suddenly asked my self, am I really happy of this kind of traveling? Am I feeling fulfilled?

Realizations that made me pause and think. I really dont know how will I respond to my personal thoughts but something needs to be changed in the way I do it. Maybe I should start seeing it more deeper in a way that is light and slowly. I must admit, that crossing out the things in my bucket list is one of the main reason why I explore. Tiring? yes! happy? that I cant answer directly.

Stopping is never an option because there are still interesting plans in the future that I have to do for my own personal fulfillment. Book more flights, grab any ticket and go but one thing is for sure, I will never rush things once I get to my destination. I will halt every now and then, savor the moment, relax and be overwhelmed with new discoveries. That’s what I would like to do now before hitting my next big target. Travel around the globe may be a little bit hard for now but who knows, an opportunity might knocks on my door once again.

This is it for now. I need to pack my stuff because in a few hours I will head to the shore I used to go whenever I feel down. Its time to think and relax.

One thought on “When Traveling Becomes Usual and Ordinary

  1. We also felt the same way Darwin, especially when we talk about financial matters over this travel love triangle. We tried to halt the travel for a moment but as we started, it haunt us like a ghost in the midnight. Makakatulog ka pa ba? Kaya wala ng ayawan to. Patuloy pa rin sa paglalakbay! 🙂

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