Summer of 2012 in Full Action

Saying that I had the best of summer is an understatement. The past three months was my most memorable for I have done so much travel compare before. And I can’t even think that I was able to do such things. Since the rain already poured, sunshine holidays is now over but I have no regret that I made the most of it. Though some of those trips drilled my pocket, still I can say it’s all worth it.

At the very first day of March, I found myself fulfilling a long time dream after being invited to Baguio. It is not just a perfect gift for my birthday as it also coincides Panagbenga Festival but because of the great “climb”. Yes, I had experienced climbing the mountain of my dream, Mt. Pulag National park via Ambangeg Trail. The whole trip was made possible by Microtel Baguio and Azalea Residences.

Mt. Pulag
Then came April, I was able to explore the beauty underwater. I had my first ever SCUBA Diving experience with my colleagues. At first, it was a bit challenging as we were still learning the basics. I was having a hard time to equalize, but somehow I mastered mask-clearing underwater. Haha! I realized that there’s so much in this world that our eyes can’t see unless you explore it. And witnessing some of those right before my eyes is just majestic.

Diving in Anilao
A week after, was my first ever flight abroad. I was very lucky to be chosen as one of the representatives for a week-long science conference in Singapore. And since my friend Brenna was also spending her vacation there, we thought of maximizing our trip and planned the itinerary to enter Malaysia. We explored the very rich in culture and artsy Melaka (Malacca). Though we encountered some mishaps during the trip, it was so little to bother ourselves with our awesome experience.

Melaka (Malacca, Malaysia)
We all welcomed May 1st with rain, but that doesn’t stop us with our next trip. I went back to Baguio with other travel bloggers for another staycation in Azalea Residences. At first i thought we would feel the experience of what it’s like to be spending a cheap all inclusive holidays, worry-free, simply relaxing. Little did I know the management prepared a challenge for us, something I guess we don’t usually do – cooking. We were given a budget of one thousand pesos to prepare a salad, main course and a dessert on a limited time. And the boys nailed it. We won! We even had our own version of Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) and we called it “Be Fat” as we ate so much street foods while doing a little tour around Baguio City.

Azalea Residences
The day after the Baguio Tour, was our team-building held in Eagle’s Point Resort, Anilao, Batangas. It was such a great time spending happy times with the people you used to work with every day. It was our only time for a bonding of fun and laughter. Did I tell you that I had the chance to swim in a shark tank?

the mind museum teambuilding
Just a few days after, I have met with a grade school friend and a former colleague for an overnight trip in Calagatan, A four hour travel led us to a quiet beach of Burot (also known as Elizalde Beach)which unfortunately now owned by “that” big corporation. We also had an encounter with seasnake, jellyfish and other sea creatures. But the most memorable part is that when my memory shut down. (that one deserve a separate post, haha! It was hilarious.) Harry and I had to walk for 5KM that night because there was no more transportation going to our town.

Burot Beach
Less than a week after that beach, we took a train to Naga and headed to Donsol, Sorsogon for whaleshark watching experience. It was during the Butanding Festival, we were quite disappointed though because there was no whale shark that appear, not even a shadow of it. But I cant say that we did not enjoy the trip because we did other things like firefly watching, snorkelling, biking around the town, and ate “isaw” and halo-halo, There was also a fashion show in the beautiful resort where we stayed. We even had some shots of local mix called “Butanginamo” while watching a concert in another resort. A side trip to Legazpi, Albay made us more satisfied after seeing Mt. Mayon in its full beauty.

PNR - Bicol Express
And for my last hurray, we went back to Anilao for another dive. This time we went deeper. And I enjoyed it for I can somehow control my movement way better than the first. I can’t still get over with all those trips. Every time I browse my photo archives, each thumbnail seems inviting me to open every folder and reminisce. It makes me smile always. So, how was your summer?

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  1. Wow! Nice trips you got here… All I can say is… it is always nice to go back with nature… I also climbed last april at Mt. Batulao… It was my second time (my first was a very long time ago). I had mixed feelings that time… I was scared, happy and nervous all at the same time. But after everything, I felt very accomplished… It’s this little things in life that makes living worthwhile

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