“Kaninong Anino”

“ang kalaban lang ba natin ay anino (kaninong anino)”

Still LSS with this song.

Who says that spending so much time with facebook rather than doing your pending jobs and backlogs is such a waste of time? We’ll not all the time especially when you come across such great discoveries like when I stumbled upon Rock Ed’s fanpage and see this animated music video entitled “Kaninong Anino”.

So instead of starting my year-end post, I just decided to write first about it so I can share it with you dear readers (125 na rin sila) and fellow travel bloggers (kasi alam kong kayo-kayo lang din ang bumabasa ng blog ko, minsan!haha). I tried to gather some information related to the said video and I found out that my idol Gang Badoy wrote the lyrics of the song. The music was composed by Francis de Veyra of RadioactiveSagoProject. The song is part of Rock Ed’s ROCK RIZAL Album, a collection of songs in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of our national hero Jose Rizal. I have downloaded all the songs before and it was really great than what is in your music player now or at least a good addition to your playlist. Songs can be downloaded for free at Rock Ed Philippines fanpage. You must like the fanpage first (sige na, libre naman yung mga kanta eh!)

Going back, the video animation was creatively done my Arnold Arre, a Filipino comic book artist and writer. You’ll know more about him here.

“The concept remains the same except that with animation, I realized that I can show Rizal as the main character walking amidst ruins. I knew it would be a mistake to try and interpret the lyrics literally so I put a lot of symbolism in the video. We see the structures of Manila all destroyed, however the monuments are still standing. Itโ€™s my way of saying that with all the corruption, our country has deteriorated and because of consumerism, we seem to have forgotten our heroes and what they fought for. However their images are still intact and thatโ€™s one thing that should encourage us to go on.” Arre wrote in his blog/art porfolio,

The animation shows Rizal walking in our country dumped in poverty and passing by landmarks which is horribly devastated showing only monuments of heroes standing still but fractured and partially broken. Every sequence is very interesting but perhaps the most moving part is when the light started to shine over the gray and dark scene and Rizal climbed up the ruins and witnessed the Philippine flag swaying in the drumbeat of our national anthem. (followed by Gloc-9’s rap)

Really, I was affected while watching the video and made me realized that instead of blaming the past or present goverment (not saying all of them) from its obvious and rampant corruption that resulted to continuous poverty which is then the root of different crimes, I should ask myself, what good have I done to help, what can I do as a Filipino? what can “WE” do as Filipinos? I am pretty much sure that with just a simple gestures of helping and kindness, we can achieve the battle eventually.

Just like how Rizal successfully jumped over the broken bridge, there is still a hope for us to dream and bring back the Philippines that we once dreamed of. “Ilawan, ilawan ang anino, Humarap sa ilaw Pilipino!!!”

Musicians who performed the song are supporters of Rock Ed Phillipines like Aia de Leon, Vin Dancel, Ebe Dancel, Kris Dancel, Noel Cabangon, Lourd de Veyra, Gloc 9, Raimund Marasigan, Kakoy Legaspi, Jay Gapasin, Juan Miguel Lerma, Arwin Naval and Wowee Pards. Produced by Shinji Tanaka and Mark Laccay.

*May digmaan sa gitna ng amihan
ang kalaban ay kahirapan
may digmaan sa gitna ng habagat
ang tanday taong syang di makaangat

bagamat marami na ang nag-alay
ng dugo landas at dunong
ang bayan raw hanggang ngayon
naliligaw at nalilito
ang paraan, ang sino, ang ano
ang sala na kanino, sa akin sayo

*ang kalaban lang ba natin ay anino (kaninong anino)
ang kalaban lang ba natin ay anino (anino nino)
nila, natin, ninyo, kaninong anino

isang daan at limampung taon
at sa isang punto lang nagkasundo
na tayo pa rin daw ay mahirap
kapos raw ang ginto,
ang paraan, ang sino at ano
sagot ay na kanino, sakin sayo

*hopefully I can get the complete lyrics, because it was really meaningful.

It’s good to know that RockEd partnered with National Historical Commission of the Philippines in this project because for me Rock Ed is an organization that we can trust. Ano ba!? “mas marami kayang tao (lalo na kabataan) ang nakikinig sa sinasabe ng musicians kesa sa mga politicians.”


29 thoughts on ““Kaninong Anino”

    • hopefully through this video we can make other Filipinos especially the youth to think and do something good for our country!

  1. i saw this video before and i find this cool. i agree with you that we should not blame the past and one of my favorite quote “ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” by JFK

    • yes we have to move on and learn from the past, wala kasing mangyayare kung babalik-balikan natin yung mga panget na nangyayare, tapos in the end wala rin tayo na-achieve na mabuti di ba?

  2. Happy New Year Darwin! ^__^ Thank you for sharing the wonderful music video. I really like the song and the music video is very good. But what I really love is the message of the song. The meaning shoots through the minds of people. I wish there were more songs like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The song is really moving. If we can just understand it deeper, we will know how big our part can be in changing what is happening right now in our country. Tayo lang ang gumagawa ng aninong kinakatakutan natin!

  4. Nice post and tribute to our National Hero. Poverty should be blame on the corrupt politicians and the people itself for voting the them .The lyrics of the song says it all.

  5. Thanks for featuring Rizal sa blog mo . Maka Rizal ako kaya I am so glad I read something about Rizal here. Ang ganda rin ng video at yung lyrics meaningful. Many thanks

  6. Great post to start the new year. it may not be the usual “year-end” but let’s admit this is one post every complaining Filipino (especially those who keeps on blaming the government and the well-off) that whatever they’re experiencing is of their own choice. that they can get out of whatever “trash” they are in if they wish to. the past only gives us nothing but lessons for us to react accordingly with whatever “today” gives us

    what can we do to help resolve the problem with poverty and corruptions starts with oneself!

    • everything lies in our hands,, problema kasi sa maraming Pinoy, minsan tamad tapos naghahanap ng masisisi sa kahirapan nila..

  7. Ang “anino” ay natutukoy sa lahat na Pilipino, ayon sa awiting ito. ‘Yon ang pagkaka-intiende ko o pagkakaunawa. Magaling ang pagkakompos ng awiting ito. Sa lahat na mga singers na binabanggit dito, si Noel Cabangon lang po ang kilala ko. Magaling na kompositor siya. Maki-bayan, maki-Diyos, maki-tao siya. Isa pa pala ang galing ng pagkagawa na musical video.

    • very distinct po tlaga boses ni sir noel cabangon, I’ve seen him once and ang galing nya tlaga. Yung pong ibang banda, mga supporters po sila ng Rock Ed at mga sikat na rin po ngayon, mga 20’s band na po sila

  8. im pretty sure i commented earlier, nasaan ang comments ko? basilio?

    first time of watching (and even after a lot of times) naaantig pa din ang pagka makabayan ko…i really hope we don’t let the patriotism of Rizal, Boni, etc to just be in vain, let’s do our share for our inang bayan…little things amount to something big pag pinag sama-sama…

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