Taal Volcano: Ala Eh! The Hollywood of Batangas!??


Noooooo! I certainly disagree to this idea of putting the Hollywood-inspired “BATANGAS” sign in Taal Volcano. According to report, this is to be done to attract more tourist and to inform people that Taal Volcano is part of Batangas and not of Tagaytay City which is in Cavite.


Taal Lake and Vocano

If you do not support this idea of destructing the natural beauty of Taal Volcano please help us and support this petition. You may post your sentiments/comments in this page. We would also appreciate if you can spread the word to everyone.

Taal Lake and Vocano_01


*first photo credit to the owner

5 thoughts on “Taal Volcano: Ala Eh! The Hollywood of Batangas!??

    • Thanks Dong! I just got disappointed when I found out that many of my kababayans like to have that SIGN in Taal Volcano and their reason is mainly “it would look nice” without even thinking of what would it cause after.

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