Phlog 2: Apo Reef Lighthouse

apo reef lighthouse

The first lighthouse I was able to climb and the second I’ve seen for real (first was Bolinao Lighthouse). This lighthouse in Occidental Mindoro is really different among the four lighthouse Ive seen when it comes to its architecture and design. Modern type I must say. It stands at the height of 110 ft (33.5 m), replacing the original 18 ft one. This modern white tower has a solar panel that serves as source of electricity for its light at night. This was part of the Maritime Safety Improvement Project-2 by the Philippine Coast Guard and was erected by a Japanese company.

9 thoughts on “Phlog 2: Apo Reef Lighthouse

    • Hi Tina, you should see one. I’m always fascinated everytime I see lighthouse because of its architecture and its “oldness”. Nearest to Manila i think is Capones in Zambales. There’s also one in Batangas.

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