Most Awesome Road Food Trip

When my life as a traveler started, I was able to explore some of the most awesome destination in our country. But aside from new sights and activities, I didnt realize that I am also starting another kind of adventure and that’s what I call GASTRONOMIC VOYAGE.

First Stop: Boracay

“Chocolate Sin of Zuzuni
Its my first time to taste that Greek specialties. When I heard the word greek, Gods and goddesses in those mythology popped out my head. If taking too much of chocolate sin is really a sin, then I am willing to be with Heides of Hell as long as there are more chocolate sin in my table.
Zuzuni is located at Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan. For reservations or inquiries, please call +63 908 862-0031 , +63 908 893-9841 or +63 36 288 4477
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Second Stop: Pangasinan

“White Gold” of Calasiao
Puto, a soft bite-sized rice cake which is the most proud of delicacy of the town. This can be found in the street in front of San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao Church. It is also beside the famous and miraculous Senor Divino Tesoro Shrine near the municipal hall.

“Boneless Bangus of Dagupan (Plato Wraps)
I’m not really a fan of bangus (milkfish) because of its “tinik”, but since the place is famous for “bangus”, I tried it. And believe me, I enjoyed it. It’s boneless and well fried. Their vinegar dip is a must try. You can feel the sweet and sour taste in your mouth that will surely make you to crave more.
Plato Wraps Restaurant
De Venecia Highway, Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
For inquiries call 522-0000 or 515-8237
They also deliver within Dagupan and Calasiao for a minimum purchase of P500.00.

“Seafoods of Matutina’s Restaurant
This is the best place to go when you’re looking for a feast of seafoods in Pangasinan. Believe me.
Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant (Dagupan Branch)
Bonuan Tondaligan, Dagupan City, Pangasinan
0917 642 1466 / 075 614 3162

“Pigar-pigar at Galvan Street
A popular street food in dagupan made of dark carabao meet, sauteed in onions and can be dipped either with soy or fish sauce with calamansi. Next time, I would like to try, kaleskesan, another street food which is served with soup plus intestine, pancreas and meat cuts. The customer can also request if he/she would like to add blood and sebum (sebo). You may find it quirky, but I would still like to try it to know if my stomach can take it.

Alaminos Longganisa
Longganisa is one of the famous and easy-to-cook viand in every Pinoy’s table. I’ve seen and tasted some of them, but Alaminos Longganisa is quite different because it is being served in a stick. I wanst able to distinguish the taste from the other longganisa that I’ve tasted, I just wondered why is it on stick.
I was able to taste this longganisa in Islandia Hotel located in Marcos Ave, Barangay Palamis, Alaminos City
Province of Pangasinan, 2404 Philippines
Landlines: +63-75-551-3683 / +1-718-255-5894
Mobile: +63-916-334-7868
Email: info[at] or islandiahotel_corp[at]

Binungey of Bolinao
Rice cake delicacy which is made of malagkit, coconut extract steamed in a bamboo. Best served with sweet mango or soaked in hot chocolate. You can also simply dip it in sugar if you want. Sellers of binungey can be seen in front of St. James The Great Parish especially during Sundays.

“Tummy Teasers
If you’re still looking for some pastas and pizzas in a remote places like Bolinao, you can drop by at Tummy Teasers. The idea of the putting up this kind of restaurant is to cater tourists and locals who are craving for pastas and pizzas. Their spaghetti has a distinct sour taste which perfectly blended with toppings of salted “dilis”.
Brgy. Concordia, Bolinao, Pangasinan
LANDLINE: (075)5544608
CELLPHONE :0927-4667559
E-MAIL jayrontorres

Third Stop: Talisay, Batangas (I should have not include this in my third stop because its the place where I grew up, but anyway)
sauteed squash and string beans in shrimp paste and grilled “tilapia” with soy sauce, chili and calamansi plus Green mango completed my weekend. These were the food I miss whenever I am in Manila. But hey, aside from tilapia and bangus, we are also famous for “tawilis” especially during summer. This kind of fish is being caught in a fishing method called “pukot”. I used to participate in pulling the ropes attached to the net when I was young.
Tawilis can be bought right after “Pukot” or in Talisay Public Market. There are also some sellers along the street.

Fourth Stop: Baguio

“Palabok and Halo-halo of Razon’s“, that’s my first time to dine in Razon’s and it happened in Baguio, in celebration of my birthday which was also the date of their famous flower festival, Panagbenga.
Located in Session Road, Baguio City,

Fifth Stop: Pampanga
Sisig, everybody knows about it. It was simply distinct and delicious.

Sixth Stop: Cavite

“Ice Cream in Paradizoo
sweet and really sweet, their ice cream is made up of fresh goat milk. A must-try.
Paradizoo Farm
Km. 63 Panungyan Road, Mendez, Cavite, Philippines

Head Office Makati
3rd Foor, Yupangco Building
339 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 8957142 ; 8983695;
(+632) 8999824 ; 8999595
Mobile: (+63) 917-8351111
Fax: (+632) 8999829

Seventh Stop: Oriental Mindoro

“Grilled Pork Chop, Vegetable Salad and Crab and Corn Soup at Manalo’s Restaurant and Lodge
A budget-friendly meal for those beach goers.
Manalo’s Lodge and Restaurant
San Isidro, White Beach, Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro, Philippines 5203

Eight Stop: Occidental Mindoro

Just the canned food we brought in our trip to Apo Island to see the famous Apo Reef, nothing special with the food only it was cooked by a fellow traveler and shared with happy conversations. I think, that’s the most important in every trip.

Ninth Stop: Zambales

Beach is best enjoyed with best of seafoods. Just grill it and have some spicy sawsawan (sauce).

Tenth Stop: Quezon Province

“Pancit Habhab of Lucban“, a local delicacy of noodles sautéed with onion and garlic mixed with chopped pork, shrimps and vegetables. Its always been a famous delicacy for every tourist especially during Pahiyas Festival.

Eleventh Stop: Cagayan Valley

Turon, yes I know, this can be found anywhere, but we really enjoyed this thinly sliced bananas, sprinkled with brown sugra, rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried. We even brought some in our trip to Cape Engano, Palaui Lighthouse.

Twelfth Stop: Pangasinan (again)

“Ginataang Sting Ray at Adorra’s Restaurant
At first I was like “What!?” but when I tried it, yes its good.
Adorra’s Restaurant can be found beside St. James Parish in the town proper of Bolinao. It is restaurant right before the public market.

“Inihaw na Hito (catfish) and Sinigang na Hipon at D’4 Boys

Thirteenth Stop: Pangasinan (yes, for the 3rd Time)

“Mamon at Pedritos“, the store is famous for its bread and pastries. Mamon, is a Filipino version of sponge cake which is soft, sweet and tasty.
Mcarthur Hwy Dagupan City Pangasinan Philippines
Phone: +63755157021

“Seafood Fiesta at Silverio’s
My third visit to Pangasinan ended with a tummy-filled experience.
Silverio’s Seafood Restaurant
Arellano St.
Pantal-Lucao Diversion Road
Dagupan City, Philippines 2400

Fourteenth Stop: Sagada, Mountain Province

“Lemon Pie at Sagada Lemon Pie House
My first ever solo trip which I survived even if there was a strong typhoon (Mina). I must say, your journey to Sagada would not be complete unless you try this one.
Photo credit to: Michelle Lonzaneda Bisarra
Atey, Dao-Angan, Sagada, Mountain Province

“Cinnamon Bread at Navales Bakeshop
I learned about this from a traveler I met in Sagada. Their freshly baked breads are perfect for pasalubong. You can even see how they prepare the breads.

“Tapsilog at Cable Cafe (Bontoc)
I found this cafe in Cable Tour Bus Terminal in Bontoc on my way to Manila. We had our lunch there with new friends I met in Sagada. Their tapa is really different from the ones I tasted in Manila.

Well, thats it, hope I was able to fill your appetite. Til my next travel.

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