Phlog: Rajah Sulayman Grand Mosque (Baclaran)

Rajah Sulayman Grand Mosque

Rajah Sulayman Grand Mosque, popularly know as Baclaran Mosque is one of the house of worship and is “sacred” to our Muslim brothers in Paranaque-Pasay area. Situated across a famous Catholic Church, its onion-like dome is really an eye-catching structure along Roxas Blvd. It is surrounded by an informal settlers which sometime in 2009 had become their refuge when a demolition started to clean up the shanty. There were gunshots heard and stones were thrown which resulted to death of three individuals including a kid and injured sixteen composed of 9 policemen. Aside from illegal settlers, behind the mosque are on-going constructions of commercial buildings and residences.

The holiday of Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting period of Ramadan and the first day of the following month, after another new moon has been sighted. The Eid falls after 29 or 30 days of fasting, per the lunar sighting.(

August 30, 2011, Tuesday markes End of Ramadan and is declared as non-working public holiday in the Philippines.



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21 Responses to Phlog: Rajah Sulayman Grand Mosque (Baclaran)

  1. jerome says:

    ang ganda! good job sa photo. I never visited any mosque in the Philippines, kahit nung napadpad ako sa Zamboanga.

  2. hangganda ng photo! ako din, like jerome, never visited a mosque pa sa Pinas.

  3. naks.. pumupotograpi.. haha.. ganda nito president! tulad ng mga nag-comment, hndi pa din ako nakakapasok ng mosque..

  4. Awesome snapshot here Darwin! I love the sunset sky, and the outline of the mosque + cables + construction stuff + branches… There’s just so much captured in this one frame.

  5. chyng says:

    @gay, hehe lol!
    kasama talaga sa love ang cables and construction stuff! ^_^

  6. Ding says:

    I never knew may mosque na pala sa Baclaran. I love the silhouette!

    • darwin says:

      yes, there is, ang alam ko po matagal nba rin yan at parang binalak ata na i-relocate na yan, kaya nagkaroon ng engkwentro mga pulis at mga nakatira malapit dun before.

  7. Daniel says:

    A more politically correct term for “squatters” and “illegal settlers” is informal settlers. I hope you can consider this (unsolicited advice/ comment) from one of the avid reader of your blog. Thanks and God bless.

    • darwin says:

      Hi Daniel, thank you so much for reminding me, I forgot to edit it. Actually when I send this as my entry to a photo contest I just used the term “informal settlers”. I just forgot to edit my blog. Thanks again and i really appreciate it.

  8. Roy says:

    Thanks for this. I miss this Mosque, i’ve been here always!

  9. Cai says:

    Oh nice!!! :)

    Galing Darwin! Hihi =P

  10. Great sunset photo! Never been here though!

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