The Story of 3 Filipina Travelers (Mel and Joey’s Episode “Trip na Nakakabadtrip”)

For those fellow travelers and readers who were not able to watch Mel and Joey’s episode last Sunday, June 26 entitled “Trip na Nakakabadtrip”, they featured the stories of our fellow travel bloggers Chyng and The Pinay Solobackpacker as well as Millie Morales who all suffered from a “not-so-good” (traumatic) experience when they traveled outside the country. They were suspected as drug mules and terrorist which I think not appropriate to categorize all Filipinos like that and undergo the so-called “racial profiling discrimination”.

According to Atty. Anselmo Adriano, Legal Expert on Travel and Tourism ,after the Sept 11 bombing incident in New York, many countries become strict in implementing their immigration rules for tourists like Arabs, Spanish and Filipinos. He also mentioned some tips when we are planning a trip outside the country like
1. Dress properly.
2. We must have a certain look of confidence when you were brought to the holding area for questionings. Be calm and do not panic.
3. You must be given a chance to contact and tell our embassy that you are undergoing an investigation.

I haven’t tried going abroad, but the lessons and tips I’ve learned from their stories helped me lot especially when I plan my trip in the near future.

Hope you learn from their stories as well.

For the complete story of their travel experience you may read:
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2. Dear Singapore: You Disappointed Me But I Wont Boycott You by The Pinay Solobackpacker

22 thoughts on “The Story of 3 Filipina Travelers (Mel and Joey’s Episode “Trip na Nakakabadtrip”)

  1. aha! kaya pala ang tagal mag-post ng link ng video nya kase gumagawa ng post! haha thanks for sharing this and for making a copy. sana yung Palaui video din my kopya d ba. 😉

    • syempre!hehehe,

      t’was a good interview, naks Ate Gael, sikat na sikat ka na. Syempre ipinagmalaki ko sa family ko na nakasama na kita sa ibang travel ko. lol

      I love your post about Singapore.

      I’ll make a video of our Palaui tour as well soon.

    • hi chyng…

      buti namn at nag apologize na cla sau… =) madami me natutunan sa experienced u sa bali.. u takecare always..

      happy travel!!!

    • Hi Chyng,

      That’s good to hear. Did they do it personally or they sent you an email?

      I like it when you said “kapag Pinay, random check? tinatanggap nalang natin na normal kasi lagi nang nangyayare”. Thanks for serving us the voice for this kind of issue.

  2. Grabe lang talaga yung experience ni Miss Chyng Reyes. Buti nalang walang nangyaring masama sa kanila. I’ve learned a lot from reading her post as well as this. I haven’t traveled abroad pa eh.

    • Thanks Renz for visiting my page.

      Yeah right, I couldnt imagine if that happens to me as well. Same here, Havnt tried goin out of the country, No passport yet!

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