Palaui Island : Teaser

I compiled and put into one my random videos from our weekend getaway in Palaui Island, Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley last June 10-12, 2011. Even if it took a long hours of land and sea travel, I still had so much fun together with Angel, Gael, Ed and Jerome. To lakwatsero and the pinay solobackpacker, thank you so much for making us part of this incomparable trip of yours. I know how much this “come-back” trip means to both you.

I do not have much idea where Palaui is (not until I was asked to join the trip and google about it) but according to, Palaui Island, with a latitude of 18.55 (18° 32′ 54 N) and a longitude of 122.14 (122° 8′ 12 E), is a hypsographic (island) located in the area / state of Cagayan in Philippines that is a part of Asia.

The location is situated 617 kilometers north (1°) of the approximate center of Philippines and 455 kilometers north (16°) of the captial Manila.

A 10 square kilometer area around Palaui Island has an aproximate population of 3269 (0.000033 persons per square meter) and an average elevation of 11 meters above sea levels.

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Photo credit: Jerome Baluyot

*Detailed story to be posted soon.



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15 Responses to Palaui Island : Teaser

  1. marco says:

    aun oh..napost na nia.. super ganda tlga ng mga pix..astig

  2. Supertikoy says:

    i tried creating a video using my photos, but FB and Blogger won’t accept Windows Video Maker files…meron bang pwede magamit to convert the video na friendly sa FB and Blogger?

    waiting for your side of the story!

    • darwin says:

      jerome, ok yung video na ginawa mo! nice nice!

      dame lalong naiinggit satin sa PTB Bagets!hahaha

      I’ll try to find time to write our experience. bahala na!hehe

  3. chin chan says:

    I love the photos. Everyone’s smiling and that explains everything… Mukhang enjoy talaga kayo… Thanks for sharing.

  4. pusangkalye says:

    e di kayo na ang may mag temptation island poses na ganyan!!!hahaha.bitter. ang ganda dyan!!!waaah!!!!

  5. linda says:

    super-kainggit ur pics foretelling a real enjoying experience for you. Hope the detailed story would be posted sooner.

  6. xtian says:

    ill be in palaui next friday … how much rental ng baot? may contact kayo ??? salamat :))

  7. Ed says:

    post mo na yung story mo darwin! haha

    love the video pa rin. dapat vlogging na next time! 😀

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ed, oo nga puro draft nalang ako, hindi ko matapos-tapos.

      sige pag may HD cam na ako and magandang desktop!

  8. […] Darwin, a young blood from Talisay, Batangas. One I really envy for being exposed to the real sense of travel and adventure at an earlier age than me. He has a day job in Taguig aside from being the well respected president of Bagets. He blogs at […]

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