The Finale: Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011

Philippines ended it with a blast!

All roads headed to the southermost end of EDSA just to watch the much-awaited finale of the international pyromusical competition. It drew thousands of people creating so much traffic. You can see people walking going to Mall of Asia, as our very own country will close the event. Indeed the Philippines, didnt disappoint the viewers as it paint smiles of different colors in the night sky, displaying multi-colored lights to the tune of Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are and Katy Perry’s Fireworks. Aside from the fireworks on the barge, I was amazed when fireworks suddenly came out from different areas like at the roof of the mall and near the shore. I wasnt able to watch clearly Australia’s presentation as I was trapped within the crowd and I wasnt able to contact anymore the person who will give me the ticket. For some reason, you will not be able to make a call or you will hardly send and receive SMS once the fireworks display starts. In the end, China emerge victorious, followed by UK and Japan.

Again special thanks to Sir Melo of and Miguel for such great experience. Aside from that, I was able to meet some royalties in travel blogging like Izah, James, Marcos, Chyng, Claire, Ate Gael, Sir Bonzenti, Jonel and Angel.

We hangout a bit to loosen the crowd, sat on the floor of the mall, chatting. Marcos was on the hot seat, as sharing blogging tips and SEO lead to the characteristics of his ideal girl. hahaha!

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  1. It was nice and good to see a fellow blogger and a “kababayan” on this day of judgment. The judgment on who will be the winner of this competition, the 2nd Pyromusical International Competition. Thanks darwin for featuring our name. That is Bonzenti and not Bonzeti. hehehe.:-).

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