Philippine Airlines Safety Video by AmbientMedia

I was posting a daily updates in my tumblr account (Yes, I have it just a few days ago) when I saw this safety video of Philippine Airlines. It is only now that I understand it all. (I swear!). The video clearly stated the do’s and dont’s inside the plane. Its very informative especially for those who haven’t ride a plane yet. Plus the fact that it was presented in a very entertaining way.

I remember my first ever flight where I didn’t understand what the flight attendant was saying (English kasi, nagnosebleed ako!:). Seriously, I was too far from her, I was sitting at the very last seat and I can’t hear what she was explaining. I didn’t even know how will I use that life vest in case of water landing as well as the purpose of the oxygen mask. I didn’t focus much on her. I just do my thing. I even used my mobile phone in taking pictures and recording videos. Maybe because of my excitement, and now I realize that that excitement can kill me. Imagine if that flight goes wrong, I’m dead because I didn’t know what will I do.

So next time, be a responsible passenger. Listen to the flight attendant and be obedient with every rules. Always think of “safety”.

Please watch the video. I highly recommend it for those first-timers or soon be riding their first ever flight.

Produced by AmbientMedia and Directed by Ianco Dela Cruz , the new safety video for Philippine Airlines puts a creative spin on a normally routine and tedious time for sky bound travelers. Entertaining and visually appealing, the new video uses a mix of special effects and comedic elements to delight and keep passengers engaged all the while giving them vital information to keep them safe during their journey. Putting a twist on the traditional safety video, AmbientMedia’s short but effective production is a must see for all who travel. (source:ambientmediacorp)

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