Welcome to Pangasinan, The Treasure Tracker!

“It’s not even in my top priority to visit, but after a few days of stay in this province, it quickly captured my heart, I was mesmerized and I fell in love. ”

I felt guilty! Yes I am. Totally! I always prefer to visit the places that I always see over the news and other travel blogs and magazines. I easily get attracted with the stunning photos in those articles without even knowing that I am taking for granted other places which will definitely make my . Now I can say that I should not put an end to something I haven’t yet experienced.

That’s what I had proven in our trip to Pangasinan. Thanks to Mica, a blogger I met in Boracay, (Ooops! I should rephrase that, “a FRIEND I met in Boracay”) for inviting me in this tour. Thanks as well to Anton, who is as well the brain of this one of a kind adventure.

The moment Mica asked me about this, I quickly said “yes”. But I didn’t have any vacation leave then so I was thinking of alibis or excuse to be used. Believe me, reasons that came out of my head was crazy, really crazy. The day came; I was as excited as a young kid whose wish was granted. After work, I packed my things to meet another blogger. She is Ada, the bubbly girl. Her mom drove for us to the bus terminal and then our journey to Pangasinan started there.

While you were sleeping...

I will never forget this trip for the reason that a lot of “first time experiences” happened there. It was my first longest trip ever at night, more than four hours inside the bus is really tiring. Good thing there was no traffic. Another dream of mine was fulfilled because I’ve been dreaming to at least travel somewhere in the north, and it was granted. As what I was telling my friends before, the farthest I’ve gone in the north is only Malabon.:)

Even if I know that such road trip will take a few hours, and it’s already late night, I still can’t sleep, maybe because of my excitement, it can be because it’s my first time and I don’t want to miss anything while on the road, or maybe because those li’l friends in my stomach is punching me , I was so hungry and I wasn’t satisfied with that Buco pie I was pressured to buy, or maybe I don’t want to get lost and we might gone into a “WRONG TURN!” (Enough Darwin! this isn’t a fictional movie! It’s real.)

This bus brought me to Pangasinan, safely.

We arrived at Dagupan Terminal at around 1:15AM. While waiting for Mica, I just observed that the place is not far from other places I’ve been to. The only thing I noticed is that, people who wants to go to Manila needs to travel as early as 1AM. Mica and his Lolo picked us up and welcomed us in their house. We ate, fixed our stuffs, a little chat, and rest and stayed in one room.

We arrived while Pangasinan is still sleeping. Allow me to see your real beauty when you wake up. Good mornight.

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  1. Ikaw na ang na-pressure :))

    I’m glad na this trip is really memorable for you lalo na sa first long trip. More travels together in the future! 😀

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