Plato Wraps Dine In

In order to complete a road trip, one must never let the “call of appetite” to pass through to make your journey worth-remembering. A perfect trip will never be completed unless you try the food you haven’t tried yet or if the food that will be served to you is especially prepared.

The only restaurant of Plato Wraps in the Philippines can be found in Calasiao, Pangasinan. According to what I have learned from Mica, Plato Wraps originated in Pangasinan, until they started putting some stall in the malls. Plato Wraps Dine In is definitely an eye-catching establishment to motorists because it is strategically located along De Venecia Highway, one of the busiest roads going to Dagupan, considered as the trading hub in Northern Luzon area. The two-storey restaurant with simple but classy architectural design and bright interior is perfect to cater their growing number of patrons. The function room is located in at the 2nd floor for party and events. The ambience is relaxing and the entire place is properly maintained which gives the customers more reason to go back, because aside from the food and being a customer as well, we prioritized the cleanliness of the place, right?

Even if you are in a restaurant, you can still feel what Filipino hospitality is all about. Ms. Ruth assisted us very warmly. She even took our orders very politely. Kuya Estan ordered Big Burgerdon Solo, a hefty 100% pure beef patty with slice of cucumber, tomato, and cheese on a bun with sprinkles of sesame seeds. Mica took a Korean Beef, a well prepared beef in a savouring thick sauce with a sprinkle of sesame seed. French toast with Bacon, served with egg, tomato and honey is perfect for breakfast; perfect for Robbie’s appetite. I want to order the same but Ms. Ruth convinced me to try a rice meal. So since we were in Pangasinan, the perfect to request for is their famous “bangus” (milkfish). I’m not really a fan of milkfish because I find it very difficult to eat because of its “tinik” (bone) which really make your throat hurts once swallowed. But the good thing in Pangasinan, they prepared it “boneless”. Ada and I were amazed when our order was put in the table. The boneless bangus is big and not just like in any other restaurant where they only serve half of it. I appreciate it more because you don’t need to be worry of the “tinik” anymore. The vinegar dip is equally mixed with pepper and salt creating a perfect combination for the crispiness of the flesh and juiciness of its belly. A slice of tomato and white onion rings also added an appetizing appeal to the boneless bangus.

BIG Burgerdon Solo for Kuya Estan

Korean Beef for Mica

French Toast for Robx

Boneless Bangus for me and Ada

Plato Wraps Dine In also serves pancit, pizza, pasta, burger and sandwich; rice meals with beef, pork and chicken. They also serve what they sell in their stalls like Chunky Chicken, Yummy Tuna, Ham and Cheese, Wrap n Roll and Very Veggie.

Plato Wraps Dine-In
De Venecia Highway, Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Open from 8AM-8PM
For inquiries call 522-0000/515-8237
They also deliver within Dagupan and Calasiao for a minimum purchase of P500.00
You can book a reservations for your party and events.

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  1. Nagccrave tuloy ako ng Boneless Bangus ngayon waaah. I also miss Plata Wraps’ Very Veggie. Kaya kong umubos ng 5 in one sitting nung college ako :))

  2. flooding itong Plato Wraps entries! hehe
    but I ws amazed as well to find out sa Pangasinan yan nag-originate.

    btw, merong blog, Shoot now Eat later. galing ng blogger na yun!

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