Since I am already starting my travel blog, I started reading stories about their personal travels, and there are a lot. I am glad I have met some of them personally and online. I was fascinated with their journeys and I must admit, I envy them. Honestly I do not know where to start, or how will I start. Having a not-so-good working schedule and a tight budget hinders my plans. So I think of an idea why not start with the places near my area. That is how I came up with PROJECT: TOUR MANILA.

I would like to start the first leg in the walled city of Intramuros. I’ve been thinking to visit again the place which I think has remain forgotten by time and by most of us. I’m curious how it looks like now and how modernization changes its face of history. I was been there twice,educational trip in WOW Philippines way back in college and the other one was two years ago, when I asked my friends (The TRIPOD) to accompany me. But unfotunately, we failed to see the famous landmarks in the walled city because they only allowed people until 6PM so we just walked along Muralla and head our way to the nearest streetfoods stall.

It was after work when we started our trip. We first went to Luneta Park because I have never been there and I was curious to see the shrine of our national hero, Rizal. I even want to see how passionate those soldier guards in standing still beside the shrine for a long hours without talking and moving. I am wondering what if something bit them, will they move? The water fountain with a huge Philippine map was not working and already polluted with trash and algae. It doesnt look the way it was shown in some local and international features before. The garden which I forgot the name was also closed. Beggars and by-standers loitering and littering. Couples cant resist from showing their intimate affection. The historic landmark where Rizal was gunshot was closed that time and there was an annoying smell. I dont know where it came from but it bothered me so much. Did the our local government atleast tried to check the place. Shoutout to all concerns, Luneta Park is not just a simple park. It reflects the famous page of our history. It is a national symbol of heroism and identity of patriotism by those who dedicated their lives for our freedom. I felt very disappointed with what I’ve witnessed that night. I may sound so exaggerated with my feelings, I may not the most patriotic and a perfect model of a law-abiding citizen but I am just a fellow showing my concern. Respect people, respect. That I would like to ask.

I hope as I start my PROJECT: TOUR MANILA, I would not want to see the place as I’ve seen it the first time. I’d like to see Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago. That’s one of those that I want to visit. And honestly those are the only places I know and I believe there are still more places in Intramuros that I must see.

Travel bloggers, please help me with my project and lead me the path. I will really appreciate your suggestions of where to go in Manila. It can be a place enrich with history, old houses and temples, museum, a street of local foods and delicacies, traditional arts and crafts shops, past plazas and ruins or anywhere you find interesting. Do you know where can I get a reliable and detailed map of Intramuros and its nearby area? Please let me know of that. I heard of some who conducts Manila tour but as I’ve said I’m considering my budget. So I’d rather do the tour with myself. Exploring alone is kind of exciting, even more worth it when you discover something interesting. But If they will let me join the tour for a negotiable price or for FREE, who am I to refuse?(lol) I will really THANK them a thousand folds.

Fellow travel enthusiast please guide me as I start my urban adventure. Ready, Set, Go!

11 thoughts on “Project: TOUR MANILA

    • yep I’ve seen this before pero hindi ako naka-join buti na lang naremind mo ako..thanks a lot!!!

  1. I did my own Old Manila Walk sa Intramuros back in 2009. d ko pa xa na-po-post so d ko na matandaan lahat .

    kaya mu xang lakarin, yung mali ko dun, nauto ako ng pajak driver na may hawak na mapa, he charged me Php150 for the 1st hour then Php100 for every hour thereafter. so bale Php500 nagastos ko, pero nalibot ko naman xa lahat. pero you can just go there, ride a padjak for Php10 ata then baba ka, lakarin mu nlng, pag mejo malayo layo na yung ibang destination, sakay ka uli., dnt hire na the pajak, kse magbabayd ka pa sa Fort Santiago (sa loob ng Intramuros) ng Php75 para makapasok ka. better yet, google ka ng Intramuros map friend then print it before you go there para at least me ideya ka kung asan ka, pag pagod ka na, ride a padjak to the nxt desti kse kung ha-hire ka ng pajak tulad ng ginawa ko, d mu hawak oras mu so magmamadali ka kse iisipin mu Php100 xa per hours. Andun pa ring yung WOWPhilippines frnd.

  2. Kelan lang kalesa kami nadali. Sbe 400 daw 30mins,tinawaran namin 100 nalang,nagpahatid kami sa inasal which is five minutes away lang sa ocean park, yun pla 100 per head,sana nagtaxi nalang kami…ang daming tlagang mapagsamantala kaya nakakawala ng respeto sa kanila…tapos ssbhn nila,mahina na raw ang calesa ngayon

    • hehehe!!just last week we went to Pangasinan, ganda pla dun..lalo na sa Bolinao..
      then last weekend I was in Fontana, in Clark…saya mag-travel lalo na pag FREE!!hehe

  3. fort santiago is a good starter. and gael is right, just print a google map for reference. calesa rides are cool but they just rip you off like crazy! so wear comfy shoes and be ready for lots of walking 🙂 explore on your own, baka may madiscover kang something new then you also share it with us!

  4. You can go on a Pasig River Cruise then proceed with an Intramuros tour.. The station nearest Intramuros is Plaza Mexico.

    The ferry fare costs less than P50 and the Intramuros walking tour (diy-style) is free …


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