Denby’s Butterfly Garden @ SEAIR Lounge

I can still recall my childhood days where my cousin and I used to play near the pepper farm beside our old grandparent’s house in Batangas. This is where I spent most of my vacation. We lived in Manila back then. Ate Jona, my cousin used to be my playmates. She loved picking wild flowers and grass and I liked hunting insects such as grasshopper and butterflies of different colors and sizes. That memories were relived again when we visit the Denby’s Butterfly Garden at the SEAIR Caticlan Lounge during our Boracay trip. It was part of our itinerary before we proceed to the white beach.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly




The garden is not that big but it has a lot of different flowering and fruit-bearing plants. You’ll see there varieties of gumamela, santan and other flowering plants (I dont know their names.) It was then that I realized that some gumamela flower can grow that big. I haven’t seen like those before. According to the caretaker it isn’t butterfly season so we are lucky enough to spot some. Since there were only few flying around, t’was very hard to catch one with my ordinary point-and-shoot camera. So I opted to take some pictures of different subject instead. They were also raising some koi in a little pond and a monkey playing around the bamboo. Here are some of the photos that I have taken.

I don’t know if it is open for everyone who wants to visit or just exclusive for SEAIR’s passengers only. I am not sure also if it is part of the itinerary of every SEAIR passengers before they proceed to Boracay Island. I am not also sure if it is free of charge. So when you book your flight with SEAIR try to ask if you can visit the butterfly garden to see what I am talking about. Experience it for yourself and enjoy watching some fauna (insects, monkey, birds and koi) and a lot of flora.

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