DAY 3: SEAIR and Microtel’s Boracay Bloggers’ Tour 2010 (As We Bid Goodbye…)

Thanks for the great memories Boracay...

Then it’s our last day. It was really sad to say farewell to those total strangers who happened to become close to you in the a place where all your memories of friendship started.

I woke up early to prepare and pack those remaining stuffs outside my bags. I went to the shore to take more shots of Diniwid Beach. I saw Mica, Van and Gracee enjoying the last minutes of our stay. Seeing the views as the sunlight touches the water was a sight to behold. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the breeze is the best experience I had to remember in the island. It made me think of when would be my next visit? And its very hard to tell. Hopefully next time, with my family. We had our quick breakfast at Mama’s Fish House, for in a few moments we will ride the shuttle going to the port. Everyone was requesting to extend their stay until afternoon but only Brenna, Gervic and Mica had the chance in exchange of their flight schedule to Ms. Lualhati, Sir Fernan at Sir Lester. They took the next flight instead.

I wasn’t able to buy some pasalubong. I forgot about it because the night before we leave was spent partying. Good thing there is a shop at the waiting area. I grabbed a shirt before on-board the boat going to Caticlan Jetty Port. We had our picture taken outside the plane for the last time. Gael and I were seatmates. On our flight going to Manila, she borrowed my camera for some aerial shots. If you don’t want to take a nap on the plane, you can read SEAIR’s travel magazine called In-Flight. After 30 minutes, we were finally back. Back to our normal lives but with good memories of the Boracay Bloggers’ Tour given by the SEAIR and Microtel.

Ooops! I need to hurry. I need to report for work by 1PM.=)

Again a million thanks to South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR), the airline that provides the fastest and safest flight to Boracay and Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay, for letting us experience a unique class of hotel accomodations.

Special thanks to Mama’s Fish House, Zuzuni, and Fishbar for our gastronomic pleasure.=)

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  1. Thanks Gael! trial pa lang yan..ang hirap gamitin ng wordpress! I need to learn more about it! esp. inserting photos…unlike sa blogger madali lang…marami pa kulang dyan, panget pa ng kulay ng theme!hehehe

  2. Hay namiss ko kayo ulit. Basta nababasa ko mga blog post related sa trip natin napapa-smile ako 🙂 two night lang sya pero hay ang sarap! 😀

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