Day 1: SEAIR and Microtel’s Boracay Bloggers’ Tour 2010

The say that what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay (right Mica!?), But in my case I am so eager to share you all perhaps the best experience I have ever had so far, the Boracay Blogger’s Tour 2010.

Winners of SEAIR and Microtel's Boracay Bloggers' Tour 2010 minus Mica and Edcel with Mr. Leo Gimena of SEAIR, Ivan Henares of and Ms. Norsan Barilea of Microtel

Honestly, it all started with a dream. And that dream came into reality. I never thought of this experience to happen until SEAIR and Microtel presented the Boracay Bloggers’ Tour 2010. And out of 63 hopefuls, I made it to become one of the 8 lucky winners. I cant remember exactly how I came across this contest. I was browsing some online contests and after so many clicks, there was a link that brought me to the SEAIR Fan page. I was hesitant at first because I’ve already seen so many entries. In fact, I was the 43rd who submitted my piece. And even some who submitted theirs are famous in the “blogosphere”.

September 11. First day. First time. I was a little bit nervous in the airport. I dont know what to do. But I was able to manage myself well (baka kasi may makahalata na first time ko!hahaha). I arrived at around 11am (excited!) because I dont want to be tagged as “The “Late” Darwin” toink!. I think I was the first among the participants. I was looking at the printed e-ticket of every passengers in the counter, because thats the only way to find out if they are the other bloggers. Lucky me, I saw Van, Gracee and Gervic. (Picture! Picture!). Then we saw Brenna, the queenbiyachessa, of philippinetravelogue. I quickly knew that she was one of the us simply because of the printed e-ticket that she was holding that time. Picture! Picture! again. And we are now 5. Last 3 persons. Some “important” people approached us and introduce themselves like Sir Albert, Sir Ivan and Sir Leo together with Ms. Norsan, Ms. Lualhati at Sir Fernan. Then came Gael, thepinaysolobackpacker. I was really waiting for here because I want to meet her personally. We knew each other by exchanging comments in our blog and both hoping before the announcement of the winners. Last one. Where is micamyx?[ Next flight na daw=( aaayyyy!]. Edcel, the soloflighted, indeed was solo, taking the flight via Cebu. “Calling the passengers of flight DG 119….”wootwoo! It was a day worth-remembering simply because It was my first time to go in the airport, ride a plane and experience how it feels when you are up in the sky. Sir Leo was so kind for letting me sit near the window. Of course its my time to take some aerial shots. (watch out for some funny stories, I’ll make another entry for that. hahah!)I get the chance also to talk to Sir Leo. It’s a Dornier 328, a new generation aircraft that brought us to Caticlan. I was little bit nervous but excitement conquered all the fears in my brain. It was a safe flight then.

Upon arriving to Caticlan, we headed up to SEAIR Caticlan Lounge and had our late lunch. We filled our stomach with some most like Filipino food such as adobo, kilawin, sinigang and “isang malaking inihaw na isda”and a cold open-up-some-happiness softdrinkto quench our thirst. (Burp!) Then we went to the Denby’s Butterfly Garden beside the lounge. There was a little monkey playing around the bamboo stem. I enjoyed taking pictures of different flowers (as if I’m a professional photographer). I was having a hard time to catch some pictures of that winged-insects, they quickly fly away every time I point my camera. I therefore conclude that butterflies are camera shy. ammp! so I took pictures of other subjects instead.

A coaster picked us up and brought us to Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal. Wow! and ang dameng foreigners! Most of them are Koreans. At exactly 3:44 in the afternoon, I set my first step in the Island of Boracay with a very big smile. Picture! Picture ulet! Then a shuttle service send us to Microtel. We were welcomed warmly and they even wore us a Microtel necklace, gave them wet towel (ako wala!) and offered us a complimentary drink. I was starting to feel like a celebrity that

We were given an electronic keycard for our rooms. I was checked-in at Rm. 110, and I was alone, because Gervic was mistaken as a guy because of his name. I fixed my stuffs and felt the Microtel’s famous chiropractic bed. I felt like a real tourist/guest because my air-conditioned room is big. I have two beds, a colored TV with cable channels, Radio clock, an internet-ready data port (unfortunately, I dont have a laptop, Im the blogger without computer, remember?)vanity mirror, a spacious cabinet, a telephone, a nice window seat and a clean bathroom (What else can you ask for!?). I turned on the TV and was trying to find an interesting show. But hey Darwin, you’re not supposed to lie down in that bed, Go get up and see the purpose why you’re here! (my conscience shouted me!)Scratched my head. The “Boracay virgins” Gracee, Van, Brenna, Gervic and me together with Mica and Gael (how am i supposed to call these 2 since they’ve been here before?the not-so-virgins?) went to the shore, wrote our names in the sand and took some shots.

By 7PM, We gathered at the hotel’s lounge for the presentation of SEAIR and Microtel Group Dynamics headed by Mr. Ivan. We presented ourselves with our winning blog. We were formally introduced to the executives like Mr. Patrick Tan and Sir Leo Gimena of SEAIR, Ms. Norsan Barilea of Microtel and people from the print media (Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer) namely Mr. Fernan, Ms. Lualhati, Sir Lester and Sir Ken. Picture! Picture!

Then dinner time. On our way to the beach, the heavy rain fell and ruined the set up along the shore. So they to have the dinner instead at Mama’s Fish House. As what Mica said, kakain ba or magpipicture? Because every food that they served has to be taken some shots before we eat it. Define SARAP!hmmm. Then Mr. Fernan was surprised for the birthday treat they organized. Ayaw nilang lagyan ng candles ang cake.

Ooops! the night wasnt over yet. They prepared some fun games for us. Its Team DARWIN vs. Team EDCEL (who will emerged victorious? See it on the 2nd day) First game “filling the pail with wet sand”. Team Darwin lose! punishment? Vodka Shots. Second game: Sack Race. We were almost there, but Edcel was so fast! Team Edcel won for the second time. They took the shots of vodka. Oh its Game 3: Tug-of-war. Team Darwin C’mon! Push! Push! Push! and one final pushed made us win the game. wootwoo! I just realized these three girls (Mica, Gael and Gracee) are barbarians?lol

Before we end the night, they gave us the chance to see a glimpse of Boracay’s nightlife. A shuttle from Microtel send us to D’Mall. There, I have seen so many stalls, bars, hotels, foreigners and casinos (JOKE! I havent seen any casinos, Im not sure if there is one). There’s a ferris wheel also inside D’Mall. I saw some sand castles with a “tip box” saying “any amount, except coins”!lol. I just had my picture taken beside it instead. Firedancers in the Sand Bar caught our attention too, we took some pictures of them outside the bar (sumilip lang kami sa butas!lol). I cant stop myself from grooving everytime I heard the “tgsh tgsh tgsh” as how my fellow bloggers described word “party”. I saw how crazy and colorful the nightlife is in the island. I said to myself “Bukas ka!”

Oh what a great way to end the day…

See you on our second day trip…COMING SOON!

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