“the largest island, inside of a lake, which is on an island, which is inside a lake, which is on an island”. More »

“An urban boutique hotel that surprisingly showcases its character through its exquisite design and offers comfort and convenience at a very reasonable price”, that is how I would describe my overall experience at “The Henry” in Cebu.” More »

Aside from the thick forests and mountain ranges, The Philippines is famous for its beautiful islands and beaches. More »

This could be one of the highlights of my life as a traveler. To experience living the kind of life with our fellow brothers in the Mountains of the Cordillera. More »

Biking my way to Valugan Boulder Beach is an exhausting yet a thrilling experience for someone who’s not a regular biker. More »

This bird welcomed us when we’re about to enter the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or famously called The Underground River in Palawan last week. More »

This development offers its visitors an outdoor experiences that they will perfectly enjoy because of their family-friendly and very engaging attractions and adventure courses. More »

Since temperature in Baguio barely goes up to 20 degrees all year round. A stroll along pine tree-lined streets is surely enough to entertain your day but at the end, you also deserve a comfortable place to rest which will make you feel just like you are at home. Woods. More »


Wonderful Indonesia: Gili Trawangan’s Datu Swing and “Happy” Parties

The next day, we went to the Gili Trawangan. If we had a laid back experience in Gili Air, Gili Trawangan offers a different experience. We stayed in Hotel Ombak Sunset, a posh and luxury resort hotel located at the western side of the island.

Wonderful Indonesia: Feeling In-between at Gili Meno (Photoblog)

We were on our way to Gili Trawangan from Gili Air when the boat made a stop in this island to load/unload passengers. While the boat was about to dock, I saw the crystal clear water and what’s down under the sea.

My mind was saying “Can we stop here and stay?”, but our time was not enough.

We were skipping this island because

Wonderful Indonesia: “Feel and Chill” at Gili Air

Finally, we’re opt to our first destination, Lombok. Upon arrival and ramdom check at the airport, we hailed a cab and negotiated for the fare. Me and my friends requested him to bring us to Serangan where we can ride the fast boat going to Lombok. We took the afternoon schedule of Marina Srikandi fast boat which is at 1PM. So while waiting, we first had our brunch at the restaurant near the port. We even invited our cab driver and treated him with free lunch.

When the man signaled the passengers, we immediately

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