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Fun-filled Weekend at Caliraya Spring’s Mountain Lake Resort | Laguna

I woke up earlier than usual to meet my friends at the terminal. From there, we will take the bus bound to Sta.Cruz, Laguna and I almost didn’t make it. haha! This time, the group’s destination is Caliraya Spring’s Mountain Lake Resort. Check rates or book here.

1 Caliraya Mountain Spring Clubhouse

When we arrived, the staff welcomed and assisted us inside the clubhouse. We settled down first, had some snack that they prepared and proceeded to the pond for our first activity, feeding the ducks. Yes! You read it right, we can’t keep our giggles seeing how they run and bumped with each other just to get fed. Cute was the only word I can think of to describe how they run together while swaying their tails. Besides, how often do you experience feeding a group of duck in your lifetime?

4 Caliraya Mountain Spring Duck Feeding Pond

4 Caliraya Mountain Spring Duck Feeding

After that fun activity with the ducks, we were assisted back to the clubhouse for our lunch. The staff served us their specialties like the ones I showed below.

3 Caliraya Mountain Spring Lunch Menu

After that sumptuous feast. They showed us the hotel which is also located within the clubhouse to check their rooms, the spa and other amenities they offered to their guests and members.

1 Caliraya Mountain Spring Clubhouse Interior

5 Caliraya Mountain Spring Hotel

Just when we thought we are going to stay in their hotel, the staff told us that we were going to Marina. It is the area where you can find the Amihan Villa


6 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort

When we arrived, we can’t keep our excitement as we noticed the water-based obstacle course and zip line. At the back of my mind, this calls for a friendly competition.

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Water Obstacle Course

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Boat Ride Dock

The resort is located near the lake. Aside from the rooms in the clubhouse, they also have big nipa huts.. And that’s what we preferred. Two big nipa huts comfortable enough to accommodate the eight of us overnight.

6 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort Nipa Huts

6 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort Nipa Huts Bed

After settling down and some rest, we were called by the staff to try some of the activities they offered. First, we went to the dock and hopped on a motorized boat and strolled around the lake. There were islets with guesthouses which according to the staff was a private property and was already abandoned.

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Boat Ride

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Boat Ride Scene

After sightseeing, we were supposed to do horseback riding but we went on fishing on the nearby pond instead. I can’t remember the last time I did this. My father and I used to do this in the lake in our town with our home-made fishing rod. Here, we were taught how to use a mechanical fishing rod. At first, I thought it’s easy but it wasn’t. The nylon string kept on dangling around the rod. Thanks to the staff who quickly assisted me to fix it and then taught me how to use it correctly. Sadly, I wasn’t able to catch even one, I thought maybe because of my location so I changed spot. I walked along the narrow stilts to go on the other side of the pond. Thirty minutes had passed and still I wasn’t able to catch a fish. I guess that all the fish there were trained to not bite or go near the bait. So I gave up. haha!

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Fishing

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Fishing Experience

We went back to our nipa hut to rest and freshen up while others lounges beside the swimming pool and watched the beautiful sunset.

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Sunset by the Restaurant

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Sunset by the lake

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Infinity Swimming Pool

That night, they prepared a perfect set of dinner which includes bulalo and hainanese chicken. Just right after that good dinner, we gathered outside for the bonfire party with cold beer. We had fun talking and sharing stories and banters. Just what a typical barkadas do. It drizzled so we transferred again in the covered area where we had our dinner. The night even got happier when we started singing as they also have videoke. I can’t recall how and what time we ended as I was so sleepy and tired.

7 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Dinner

The next morning, just when we thought the weekend was over, they toured us around the facilities/amenities inside the reosrt with a golf cart. We even had the chance to try that sport. Even if it was quick, we still had fun especially whenever we miss hitting the ball. haha!

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Golf Course

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Golf Experience
Photo by Chino of juanderfulpinoy.com

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Golf Course 1
You can also go biking, do it tandem or by threes. Like kids allowed by their parents to play, we took our time to pedal along the golf course.

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Biking

Right after biking, we went back to the resort and tried the zip line. But the most exciting part was the water-obstacle course. Carla, tried it first. Then we teamed up. The battle was between Chino and Kirk versus me and Marx. It looked easy when you are just watching the others but it’s quite tiring when you are already doing it. It was really fun and we enjoyed it very much especially when the battling teams were distracting each other just so they win. But we never let them and still did our best. Unexpectedly, we won over the other team. haha!

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Water Obstacle Course and Zipline
Photo by Chino of juanderfulpinoy.com

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Hanging Bridge


The remaining time was spent in the swimming pool with a very nice view of the mountain lake. We had ice cream and beer, enjoyed every minute with laughter and never ending banters. Well, that’s how our barkada becomes more alive, guess that’s also the right “ingredient” that makes our friendship happier and stronger.

8 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Swimming Pool

Caliraya Mountain Spring and Resort is a perfect place to spend the your weekend with either your families or friends. It’s a few hour drive from Manila and offers various activities that you can all enjoy. Thank you also to all the friendly and helpful staff for laughing and riding with all of our craziness, for taking care of us and for exerting extra effort in providing our needs especially when we ran out of beer to drink. :p

9 Caliraya Mountain Spring Marina Resort - Sunset

Caliraya Springs Mountain Lake Resort
Address: East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 723-0781 | (0998) 555-8394

*We were invited by the management to experience what they offer to their guests. Some photos are from my friends, Juanderfulpinoy.com and Marxtermind.com

Four Fascinating Historical Facts about Tenerife

At this moment in time, Tenerife is an admired and approved destination among numerous travellers wanting to escape daily life in search of sun, sea, and sand. The biggest of the Canary Islands is also home to nearly half the region’s residents, but it wasn’t always this way.

Tenerife was uninhabited until around 200BC when cave dwellers known as Guanches settled here. For over a millennium, these natives were isolated from the outside world until the Spanish arrived in the 15th century.

From then until the present day, Tenerife has been a part of Spain, which is heavily reflected in the island’s culture and cuisine. But what other facts are there about the island’s fascinating past?

1. The word “Tinerfe” refers to one of the original Guanche monarchs
Although the word “Tinerfe” closely resembles the island’s name and can be seen on various buildings and businesses, it is actually honouring one of the original Guanche monarchs.

Tinerfe had nine children and after his death, each one received a “menceyatos” or municipality on the island to rule over. While Tenerife now consists of 31 municipalities, they are divided up in much the same way.

2. It took two years for Spain to complete its conquest
Military leader Javier Alonso Luis Fernández de Lugo along with around 2,200 soldiers sailed to the shores of Tenerife at the end of 1493 to begin Spain’s conquest of the island. However, the last of the defending Guanches did not surrender until late December 1495.

In addition to fatal injuries suffered in battle, the Guanches also succumbed to various diseases that the Spanish brought over, as the natives had little natural immunity or resistance.

3. Tenerife survived a famous attack from the British
Even though Horatio Nelson was one of Great Britain’s finest military leaders, he failed to conquer the island in 1797. In fact, the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was where a musket ball hit him in his right arm, which later had to be amputated.

To commemorate this victory, Castle Negrillo close to the Parque Maritimo César Manrique hosts an annual re-enactment on 25th July. As you would expect, Nelson always loses.

4. Tenerife was a tourist destination before the 20th century
After a period of stability, Tenerife warmly welcomed visitors to its shores and by the 1890s it was a popular holiday destination. While visitors typically stayed around Santa Cruz and Puero de la Cruz, the whole island embraced the idea of tourism.

However, Tenerife soon entered yet another turbulent period and growth was hampered when the Spanish Civil War began in 1936. After General Francisco Franco was installed as leader of a dictatorship, several of his opponents in Tenerife fled to Cuba and Latin America.

But today, there are no signs of turmoil or trouble and Tenerife has firmly established itself as a thoroughly charming and captivating destination.

Images by Tony Hisgett and Jörg Lange used under the Creative Commons license.

Five Must-do Things for Your Trip to Thailand

A vacation to Thailand is a great way to relax and enjoy some of the finest beaches and natural wonders the world has to offer, while also learning about and experiencing a new culture that is made-up of great cuisine, beautiful art and religious monuments, as well as kind and generous people. While your time in Thailand is bound to present you with a great time no matter what you decide to do, here are five things that you won’t want to miss out on when planning your next trip.

1 Krabi

1. The beaches of Krabi
If you’ve seen a poster advertising the scenic spots of Thailand, odds are you were drawn towards the stunning beaches of Krabi, whose limestone cliffs and caves provide the ultimate seaside atmosphere for any beach goer. Whether you’re interested in water sports and rock climbing, or simply want to sip cocktails, swim, and take in the rays, the beaches of Tham Phra Nang, Railay, and Koh Hong are some of the area’s best.

2 Grand Palace

2. The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are the main attraction that must not be missed while spending time in the vibrant capital city of Bangkok. The Grand Palace was finished in the late 19th-century and features an eclectic mix of elegant European architecture, and traditional Thai artworks and design. The attached grounds of Wat Phra Kaew is home to the Emerald Buddha, and the temple is considered to be the most important religious site for Thai Buddhists.

3 Erawan Falls

3. Erawan Falls and the Bridge on the River Kwai
Located just outside the sleeping jungle village of Kanchanaburi, Erawan Falls and the Death Railway (made famous by the film the Bridge on the River Kwai) provide visitors with a natural wonder and a historic site. The multi-tiered falls are some of the finest in the country and feature wonderful swimming holes, natural rock slides and crystal clear waters. The railway is an emotionally powerful site, where many forced labourers and POWs lost their lives working under the Japanese military in WWII.

4 Chiang Mai

4. Chiang Mai
The capital of the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai sits in the foothills and is a quaint and picturesque town that has ancient city walls and is surrounded by mountain jungle and rainforest. If anyone is looking to spend a little time outdoors, you’ll find great trekking, elephant sanctuaries, and rafting just a short drive from the center of town (which you can access through tours). Be sure to also try out some of the north’s famous street food.

5 Sukhothai

5. Sukhothai
One of the ancient capitals of the Kingdom of Siam, Sukhothai came of age in the 13th and 14th century, and today features a vast variety of relics that are the best examples of the era’s architecture and style. From massive sculptures of Buddha to ancient temples, a bike ride through these grounds will make you feel as if you’ve travelled back in time.
Wherever you decide to head to in Thailand, there are plenty of great sites to see and natural wonders to explore, all of which will add up to an extremely special experience.

Images by Nicolas Vollmer , Thomas Jaehnel , Ian Armstorng , xiquinhosilva and Brian Fagan used under the Creative Commons License.

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